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Christian Did Early Christians ''Lust After Death''?: A New Wrinkle in the Doctor-Assisted Suicide Debate by Darrel W. Amundsen and Joni Eareckson Tada
Christian Euthanasia: How do Christians Respond?
Christian The Euthanasia Debate: Understanding the Issues Part One in a Two-Part Series by J.P. Moreland. Published in the Christian Research Journal
Christian The Euthanasia Debate: Assessing the Options Part Two in a Two-Part Series by J.P. Moreland. Published in the Christian Research Journal
Christian Euthanasia: The Battle for Life by Dr. Raymond G. Bohlin
Christian Philosophical Problems With Moral Relativism by Francis J. Beckwith. See also: relativism
Christian Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia (Contra) This editorial in Focus on the Family's CitizenLinks  newsletter lists ''[r]easons to Oppose Physician-Assisted Suicide.''
Christian Terminal Logic Collection of articles on Euthanasia, at the Leadership U. site


Christian Body & Soul : Human Nature & the Crisis in Ethics by James Porter Moreland, Scott B. Rae
Christian A Different Death : Euthanasia & the Christian Tradition by Edward J. Larson, Darrel W. Amundsen
Authors Larson and Amundsen combine impressive talents and backgrounds to survey the history of euthanasia in Christendom. Since Christian attitudes toward suicide are relevant to the discussion of active, voluntary euthanasia, they trace suicide from early Christianity into the modern period. They conclude with three chapters of detailed and penetrating counsel on how Christians should engage the euthanasia debate today.
Comments from the Publisher (InterVarsity Press)

A splendid achievement. Uhlmann of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C., has put together a remarkable range of information and arguments bearing on continuing debates about the end, and ending, of life. The book is that unusual thing, a debate that really lets all sides have at it. There are essays by Ronald Dworkin, Hadley Arkes, Jack Kevorkian, Derek Humphry, Leon Kass, and Gilbert Meilaender, as well as the Ramsey Colloquium's ''Always to Care, Never to Kill,'' plus pertinent court decisions and statements by medical associations. This is an indispensable reference in a controversy that will continue to roil our public life for as long as life continues to be terminal.
Books in Review: Briefly Noted, First Things, Apr. 1998

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Secular Euthanasia.com (Contra)
Secular Euthanasia.org (Pro, but with resources showing both pro- and contra positions). Operated by Exit (Scottish Voluntary Euthanasia Society). Bills itself as ''probably the world's largest resource of original material on voluntary euthanasia, assisted suicide, self-deliverance, living wills (advance declarations to enable you to refuse unwanted life-prolonging treatment) and related death and dying subject matter. This site contains hundreds of pages of material explaining the arguments for and against euthanasia.''
Secular Euthanasia World Directory (Pro-Euthanasia)
Secular International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force (Contra) ''The IAETF concentrates solely on the issues surrounding assisted suicide and euthanasia and addresses these issues from a public policy perspective.''

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