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Month: February 2012

Qi Gong

Also written as qigong. From the Chinese ki = energy, the air, and gong = time, practice. Qi Gong is a system of physical exercises, breathing and mental training, with as purpose the strengthening of the body’s internal energy as well as controlling the circulation of qi.… Read more


Qi, also written as chi, is Chinese for: energy, the air. Originally the word meant ‘air,’ ‘breath’ or ‘energy,’ but currently it signifies ‘vital essence’ – said to be the supreme nourishing and protecting energy in the body, which circulates through the acupuncture meridians.… Read more

Mike Warnke

Mike Warnke was a Christian comic whose allegedly autobiographical book “The Satan Seller” turned out to be a fraud. In his book Warnke claimed to have been a Satanic high priest. However, those claims were discredited in an investigative report published in 1992 in the Christian magazine Cornerstone.… Read more