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Month: July 2010

Coming Soon: Walter Martin, The Original ‘Bible Answer Man,’ Back On The Air

On April 19, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) awarded Religious Information Network (an umbrella non-profit that includes Walter Martin Ministries), a full power FM frequency serving Newport, Minnesota, about two miles outside St. Paul, Minnesota. This non-commercial (NCE FM) radio station has the potential to reach most of the Twin Cities 2.9 million population.

Minneapolis-St. Paul is #16 in the U.S. Radio Market, and the new 88.1 WAJC-FM will bring a fresh perspective and unique voice to the community. The call letters were chosen to honor Jesus Christ, and to highlight the legacy of Walter Martin, the Original Bible Answer Man.

What is Spiritual Warfare?

Do angels and demons ever do battle? The Bible pictures warfare that is wages on a heavenly scale, but it does not supply many details.

B.J. Oropeza, in his book, '99 Answers to Questions About Angels, Demons & Spiritual Warfare,' takes a balanced look at the subject.

Sharia | Islamic Law

The Sharia, Islamic Law, regulates all human actions and puts them into five categories: obligatory, recommended, permitted, disliked or forbidden.

There are four major schools of islam. Each school may make decisions about matters such as marriage rights, divorce procedures, inheritance, and forms of punishment, which may differ from each other.