Month: July 2006

Neopaganism: Is Dialogue Possible?

The Apostle Paul spent time with the Athenians, reading their poets and watching their people at worship before addressing them. Likewise, serious apologetics requires that Christians dialogue with followers of other religions with understanding and respect . Andrew J McLean says that Christians need to put aside fifteen hundred years of offhanded dismissal and listen to pagans as having something intellectually serious and spiritually viable to say. Only in this way can we begin to dialogue. This important article has been posted at Apologetics Index since 2006. We have just updated it by reformatting the article to make it easier to read.

Neo-Paganism – The body, sexuality and nakedness

Pagans also reject western views of sexuality. For them the body is sacred and pure. Public and ritual nakedness is affirmed by some, though probably not the majority. Tabloids and papers make much of the sexual perversion of witches, but pagans believe that society has a suspicious and dirty-- minded view of sex: it sensationalises and titillates. But sexuality is a part of life's cycle to be celebrated in an open and pure fashion. The intertwining of sex with religion lifts it above the perverse and shameful act that it has become in western society.