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John Davies

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John Davies / Christian News Today


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John Davies, who calls himself 'editor' of 'Christian News Today,' claims to be a Christian. However, online he is known primarily for his unrelenting attacks against Billy Graham and other Southern Baptists, as well as for his persistent spamming.

Spamming is a form theft. Spammers knowingly and willingly misuses the resources of others (in this case, the mail servers of Hotmail, as well as the email accounts of individual recipients of the unwanted spam messages).

Free email services such as used by Mr. Davies clearly state that spamming is against the rules. By signing up for these accounts, Mr. Davies promises to agree to those rules. However, he consistently violates the rules he agreed to observe, and spams anyway. Each time Hotmail closes Mr. Davies' account due to violation of the rules, he simply opens a new one.

Given that Mr. Davies thus engages in lying and theft, it is ironic - and outright hypocritical - for him to use accuse others of such practices.

He also misuses online prayer forums set up by Baptist churches and ministries, again posting his spam messages.

Complaints sent directly to Mr. Davies have been met only with harassment, profanities, and sick behavior.

Should you receive spam or other forms of harassment from Mr. Davies, report his theft to SpamCop, and to Lycos/Tripod, whose anti-spamming rules he also violates.

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John Davies
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