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"Miracle Babies"

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This entry provides a brief look at Gilbert Deya Ministries. For in-depth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

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Gilbert Deya Under Investigation

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Following the BBC radio's Face The Facts documentary, UK police launched an investigation into Gilbert Deya's claims and activities.

Among other developments,

And while Gilbert Deya angrily warns that he won't be visiting Kenya any more, Kenya's authorities have issued an extradition request. Both Scotland Yard and the FBI have joined the investigation. They are reportedly looking into some of Gilbert Deya’s investments in Kenya since he settled in the UK.

In response, Deya has said he will consider applying for political asylum in the UK. He proclaims his innocense via his website, and accuses Kenya's authorities of torturing their prisoners:

The Kenya Government are torturing, humiliating those who have been blessed by this great unusual miracle, been that they have been born miraculously in such a short period of time. The parent of these miracle babies does not deserve the sort of persecution they are receiving in Kenya.

It is so worse that women are stripped naked in prison, made to walk without underpants. These include my wife, Mrs Odera, Rose Kiserem, and Mrs Nyeko. The type of investigation in Kenya is criminal, terrorist and abomination to Human Right. We are aware that the FBI and Scotland Yard have gone to Kenya for their investigation, we are proud this and it will reveal the truth.

We are not child traffickers, we have not stolen any child, and neither sold any child. We learnt that the DNA does not match with the parents, even to the 53 people who claim them have also not match. They cannot match because they are miracles. If the ultra scan failed to pick them while they were in the womb, how can the DNA match?
Source: I am not a child trafficker or a thief, miracle babies' mothers need helpOff-site Link Gilbert Deya Ministries. Dated, Nov. 11, 2004. Last accessed: Dec. 12, 2004
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• First posted: Dec. 12, 2004
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