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Update, Oct. 10, 2008: Christian cult still in hiding after 10 years

Doomsday cult led by false prophet, Monte Kim Miller, a former anti-cult activist. Despite failed prophecies (e.g. predicting the destruction of Denver, Colorado, on Oct. 10, 1998), Miller's followers still believe his claim of being "the voice of God."

In a reference to an event described in Revelation 11, Miller has "prophesied" that he will die on the streets of Jerusalem in December, 1999, only to rise again after three days.

Claiming that Denver, Colorado, would be destroyed by the apocalypse on Oct. 10, 1998, Miller and his followers left the United States for an unknown destination. 14 cult members turned up in Israel. Fearing they would commit acts of violence in order to bring about Armageddon, Israeli authorities expelled them in January, 1999. Miller's whereabouts, meanwhile, remain unknown, with some speculating that he is in England. Newspaper reports show Miller, who has collected much money from his followers, left behind extensive financial debts.

Upon their return to Denver (still not destroyed...), the deported cult members stayed in a hotel. It is thought that they awaited Miller's instructions. They later left for Greece, where they joined several other members of the movement.

In Dec. 1999, Greece expelled several members of Concerned Christians, sending them back to the United States of America.

Theologically, Concerned Christians is a cult of Christianity.

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