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Creativity Movement

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Creativity Movement

Hategroup The Creativity Movement

Formerly: World Church of the Creator


The Creativity Movement is a white supremacist church run by Matthew Hale. Essentially, it is a hate group masquerading as a religious movement.

The group was formerly known as The World Church of the Creator. The name change came about as the result of a trademark infringement lawsuit from the TE-TA-MA Foundation, a church in Oregon, USA, which is the legimitate owner of the World Church of the Creator name:

A federal judge Thursday held the racist group formerly led by Matt Hale in contempt, fined it $1,000 a day and ordered its Web site shut down as long as the group continues to use the Church of the Creator name, in violation of a court order.

U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow ruled last year that Hale's group was violating a trademark by using the name, which an Oregon church, the TE-TA-MA Foundation, had registered.

Hale, who has repeatedly attacked Jews and African Americans, is behind bars for allegedly trying to get a follower to kill Lefkow, who he believed was biased against him. Hale's group called the judge's decision last year part of a Jewish conspiracy.

The judge is not Jewish and had ruled for Hale's group originally before a federal appellate court reversed her.

Hale has pleaded not guilty in the criminal case and is scheduled to go to trial in September.

Thursday, attorneys for the Oregon church said Hale's group was still using the name, in violation of the court order, on its Web site, on merchandise it was selling and in other instances.

"There has been some compliance, but not full compliance," the judge said, agreeing to the penalties sought by the Oregon church's attorneys.

Todd Reardon, representing Hale's group, which now calls itself the Creativity Movement, said group members were trying to comply with the judge's order.
Source: Hale's racist organization fined over trademark, Chicago Sun Times, Apr. 25, 2003


Hale's World Church of the Creator adheres to a belief in ''Creativity,'' that ''what is good for the white race is the highest virtue and what is bad for the white race is the ultimate sin.'' Hale says he wants to be a licensed attorney so he can work within the system to reach his organization's goal -- a separation of the races and eventual deportation of all ''mud races'' from American soil.
Source: White Supremacist Takes Law License Fight to D.C., Law News Network, Feb. 11, 2000

Q. Who is the "Creator"?
A. The White Race. White people are the creators of all worthwhile culture and civilization. Believers in our racial religion are known as "Creators."
Source: Frequently Asked Questions at the group's official site


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