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Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Paul (David) Yonggi Cho


Pastor of the world's largest church (South Korea). Word-Faith teacher. Teaches "Christianized" versions of occult principles.

In the February 1995 edition of Alpha, in an article entitled, "God as servant, Man as God," Charles Strohmer criticised David Yonggi Cho's "faith incubation" process, along with similar techniques of other "Faith Movement"proponents such as Kenneth Hagin, Agnes Sanford, Kenneth Copeland and Maurice Cerullo, as a clear departure from the true gospel.

Michael Horton, writing in Power Religion, castigates Robert Schuller's forward to Yonggi Cho's Fourth Dimension arguing that it is a blend of "psychology, magic and religion" (p.327). John MacArthur, is equally forthright. In Charismatic Chaos, he asserts that Cho's ideas are "rooted in Buddhist and occult teachings"(p.149).

Said to have prophesied that the "last great move of the Spirit" will originate in Canada. Also said to have prophesied that there would be revival in Pensacola, Florida The latter is called into question by a former member of the Brownsville Assembly of God:

"It is interesting how a claim regarding a prophecy attributed to Korean Pastor Cho changed three times, each time becoming more specific until it identified Pensacola as the city where a "great end-time revival" would break out and spread throughout the world. Actually, I had heard of that prophecy years before when we lived in Kentucky, and there was speculation that Evangel Tabernacle would be the church where it was to start. The prophecy didn't change... the telling of it did."

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