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This site, Apologetics Index, uses several domain names and web addresses - including apologeticsindex.org and countercult.com.

Our main domain name is apologeticsindex.org. Apologetics Index is a Gospelcom.net alliance member, and our site is hosted by Gospelcom.net. Therefore, all Apologetics Index URLs (web addresses) automatically roll over into gospelcom.net/apologeticsindex/.

Apologetics Index also uses the domain name countercult.com, a) because it describes part of our ministry, and b) because it is easier to remember (and easier to share in conversations).

Note: the name countercult.com has also been used by Douglas Cowan for his site, Ports of Entry - The Web Office of Douglas E. Cowan, Ph.D.

Originally, Mr. Cowan's site was titled, ''Christian Countercult.com.'' That was later changed to ''Christian Countercult.org,'' and now to ''Ports of Entry.'' However, some pages at his site are still titled ''Countercult.com.'' That title, like the others, does not reflect the domain name (rather, Cowan's pages are part of the faculty section of the University of Missouri-Kansas City website: <http://c.faculty.umkc.edu/cowande/>). 

Apologetics Index owns the domain name, countercult.com, which points to the Apologetics Index site. Apologetics Index has no connection whatsoever to Douglas Cowan and/or his website, and Mr. Cowan is not authorized to use the ''Countercult.com'' name.

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Information first posted, as part of the entry on Mr. Cowan : Nov. 7, 2000
Last Updated: Oct. 27, 2001
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