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This entry provides a brief look at Cult Experts. For in-depth information we refer you to our collection of CultFAQ.org website.

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A cult expert is an expert on cults, sects, and so-called new or alternative religious movements.

Cult experts range from self-taught (or self-proclaimed) activists to academically trained professionals.

Note that organizations and individuals dealing with cults operate from various perspectives:

  • Anticult organizations and invididuals generally fight cults for reasons other than theological ones.

  • Countercult organizations and invididuals usually oppose cults for religious, doctrinal reasons.

  • Self-proclaimed "value-free," "neutral," or "non-sectarian" organizations range from, essentially, consumer protection agencies to cult apologist (cult defenders) organizations.

In evaluating and selecting a cult expert, it is vital to understand the differences and similarities between these approaches.

Our CultFAQ.org website includes guidelines for selecting a counselor and/or cult expert

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» Guidelines for selecting a counselor and/or cult expert (includes organizations, ministries and/or individual cult experts recommended by Apologetics Index).

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