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New Age and Alternative Healing terminology.

One of the alleged ''energy centers'' of the yogic system. Chakra is a Hindi term that literally means "wheel of energy." Chakras are visualized as wheels or vortices in the body's energy fields, and are said to be important in "channeling conciousness" and linking the physical and spiritual dimensions. They are located within the body in front of the spinal column and are aligned vertically up and down the spine in order to allow kundalini energy to travel from the base of the spine to the top of the forehead.

Chakras play a role in many alternative healing therapies. Some say chakras give off auras, the colors of which they claim can reveal the status of one's spiritual and/or physical health.

There are seven chakras:
  • Base (or root) chakra, or muladhara
  • Abdominal chakra, or swadhistana
  • Solar Plexus chakra, or manipura
  • Heart chakra, or anahata
  • Throat chakra, or vishuddi
  • Command chakra, or ajna
  • Crown chakra, or sahasra