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Corporal Punishment

spacercorporal punishment, spanking, abuseCorporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment


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Some religious groups use corporal punishment, ranging from spankings (for discipline) to amputations (as punishment). The term ''corporal punishment'' is sometimes confused with ''capital punishment'' (death penalty).

Though the Bible talks about spanking (proponents typically cite only a handful of verses from the Book of Proverbs), it does not condone abuse - which is what so-called 'discipline' often turns into.

For example, some churches and religious groups have made the news due to the abusive spanking of minors (see for instance the House of Prayer, or the Church of God (Restoration)).

In some cases, corporal punishment went even further, such as the torture cases of Klara Mauerova, Elior Chen, or the Colonia Dignidad cult.

In the past, Jesus People USA practiced the disciplinary spanking of adult females - an unbiblical practice.

That said, there is a 'movement' among, for the most part, people who identify themselves as 'fundamentalist Christians,' that advocates so-called 'Christian Domestic Discipline' (CDD).

More often than not, CDD involves the husband spanking his wife for a variety of 'bad behavior' -- including disobedience, talking bad, gossip, failing to do chores, failure of 'marital duties,' being disrespectful, etcetera.

Men who engage in CDD believe they 'must' do so because 'God made the man the head of the household,' and 'the priest of his family.'

While the notion of wives submitting to their husbands is Biblical, the issue is controversial, even among many Christians.

Most Christian would not consider CDD to be a practice condoned by the Bible. The practice actually is a form of domestic violence. Submission, as taught in the Bible, never includes domestic violence.


Christian Loving Discipline That Works Christian Parenting Today, July/Aug 1999

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Corporal Punishment
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