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ChristianAcademic Apologia Report Weekly research newsletter that summarizes and reviews hundreds of magazines, journals, and news publications to identify the most valuable resources of interest to Christian apologists, counter-cult ministries, educators, students, media personnel, etcetera. Sample Issue. Paid subscription.
Christian Christian Research Journal Published by the Christian Research Institute. "CRI's areas of research specialization include (1) non-Christian religions, sects, and cults; (2) the world of the occult (including practices, phenomena, and movements); and (3) issues of contemporary theological and apologetic concern (e.g. aberrant Christian teachings and practices, philosophical and historical speculations which challenge Biblical reliability, and sensational conspiracy theories). The JOURNAL strives to take a scholarly approach to all these themes, yet in a popular, readable format, offering analysis that are both rational and biblical."
Secular Cultic Studies Journal One of the foremost research publications. Published by AFF. "The journal seeks to advance the understanding of cultic processes and their relation to society, including broad social and cultural implications as well as effects on individuals and families. CSJ assumes that a multidisciplinary perspective is necessary for the proper understanding of this subject and, consequently, publishes articles from different disciplines and points of view. The journal's main concern is understanding the nature, effects, and implications of psychological manipulation. Abstracts available online."
Secular Religion News Report. Newsletter published several times a week on the AR-talk list. Alerts apologists and counter-cult professionals to news items of interest. Back issues are archived on this site as time permits.
Christian Watchman Expositor The journal of Watchman Fellowship, one of the foremost Christian apologetics and counter-cult ministries. Current issue, plus extensive archives available online as well. Each issue is a mix of doctrinal articles, news, and witnessing information concerning cults, the New Age and other non-traditional religions in America. Articles are cross-referenced to Watchman Fellowship's Index of Cults and Religions to facilitate further research.