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Definitions: cults, sects, alternative religious movements, cult apologists, anti-anticult movement, cult experts

Definitions: Religious Cults, Sects, Alternative Religious Movements, Anti-cult groups.

Cult and Ex-cult Counseling Resources : Organizations / Ministries


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About this page

• Organizations and Ministries
Apologetics Index recommends the Christian and secular organizations listed here. Please note the following:

  • Be aware of the distinction between secular anticult- and Christian countercult organizations. (See the Color Key)

    (Note: while the publishers of Apologetics Index operate from a Christian perspective, we support freedom of religion in thought and expression, which is why both Christian and non-Christian resources are listed).

  • Know the general background and current perspectives of the organization, ministry or individual you deal with. For example:
    • What are their professional credentials, if any?
    • What is their religious affiliation or perspective, if any?
    • Will they counsel you even if you are not willing to accept their religious belief system? See this information.
    • Who are their professional contacts and affiliations? (who do they refer to or consult with?)

  • Ask questions about the fees involved. (Get information in writing).

  • Keep in mind that a listing here does not necessary mean that the publishers of Apologetics Index agree with everything these organizations and ministries teach or practice.

  • This is not an exhaustive list. If you need a recommendation regarding an organization or ministry not listed here, you are welcome to contact us.

  • Our legal advisors would appreciate it if you read our disclaimer.
Secular American Family Foundation Information About Cults, Cultic Groups, Mind Control, Cult Abuse, and Psychological Manipulation. AFF is the world's largest, secular anticult organization.
Christian ExWitch Ministries "ExWitch Ministries is an international outreach ministry based in Greensboro, N.C. The Ministry is headed up by Kathi Sharpe, but there are many wonderful people (ex-witches and other Christians) who have stepped up to advance the cause of Christ to people who are in occult bondage. "
Secular Freedom of Mind Steve Hassan's organization. For a description of Hassan's approach, see his book, Releasing The Bonds
Christian Midwest Christian Outreach
Christian New England Institute of Religious Research Headed by Bob Pardon. NEIRR operates Meadow Haven, a halfway house.
Secular reFOCUS Recovering Former Cultists Support Network.
Christian Refuge Ministries For those who have been involved in satanism, the occult, wicca, witchcraft, New Age practices or false teachings in the Christian church.
Christian Watchman Fellowship Considered by many to be the foremost Christian countercult and apologetics ministry. Presents a wealth of information and resources for further study online.
Christian Wellspring Wellspring provides an individualized program of counseling, instruction, restoration, and relaxation. Professionals counselors help rebuild lives after a negative group or relationship experiences.

About professional fees

Professional intervention and counseling services do not come cheap. Discuss fees as soon as possible and get everything in writing. Do not make hasty decisions, but compare rates and check your options.

If you can not afford the fees, here are some options:
  • See if the individual or organization is willing to work on a sliding scale (i.e. adjust their fees according to your ability to pay).
  • Contact an organization that provides ex-cult counseling services free of charge (or that will put you in touch with trusted counselors who can do so).
  • See if friends, family members or others are willing to 'sponsor' you.

About Countercult organizations and ministries

The vast majority of ex-cult counselors are associated with - for the most part - Christian countercult organizations and ministries (of which there are over 700 in the U.S. alone). This includes many trained professionals, but also many lay people who may or may not be skilled in counseling techniques. Some charge a fee, some ask for a free-will donation, and some do not expect and/or accept payments at all.

That said, many ex-cult members feel uncomfortable with organizations, ministries and individuals of any religious background - because they do not want to be converted from one belief system into another. That is an understandable, legitimate concern.

Janet and I (the publishers of Apologetics Index) are Christians and we operate from a mainstream Christian point of view. In part this means we believe that ultimately a person's desire for spiritual fulfillment can only be met by making peace with God through his son, Jesus Christ.

However, we both strongly believe that people who need help should be helped regardless of who or what they are, what their lifestyle is, what they believe, what they can or can not afford, and whether or not they would be open for the message of the Christian Gospel. While we let people know up-front who we and what we are, we also let them know that our help comes with absolutely no strings attached.

There are many Christians who work from a similar perspective. Finding them is another thing. You can start by contacting the organizations listed here.

Mainstream churches also can be good resources. Many will have skilled counselors available within their congregations. Others may work with professional (Christian or non-Christian) counselors, or will be able to refer you to an organization or ministry.

When talking with Christians counselors or organizations, simply ask questions like this:
  • Will you help me even if I am not willing to become a Christian?
  • What is your experience in dealing with ex-cult members?
  • Do you deal only with the theological aspects of a cult, or also with the sociological ones?
Note: If the cult you were in could be considered a cult of Christianity (theologically and/or sociologically), a Christian counselor with a good knowledge of Christian theology is preferred over cult experts from a different theological background.

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