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Robert Bowman, Jr.

Robert Bowman, Jr.



Prominent Christian apologist. Executive director of the Institute for Religious Research.


Not satisfied to accept the secondhand research of anonymous critics, I decided to investigate the matter for myself. This report, first written in December 1995, is the result. In making this information available, my only interest is in letting the truth be known. Given the widespread dissemination of the plagiarism charge, there is no honorable benefit to be gained by avoiding the issue. I wish no harm to Mr. Hanegraaff or anyone else. However, I do believe that Mr. Hanegraaff ought to be held accountable by his pastor, his Board, and his financial supporters. These responsible parties need to decide, based on the evidence, whether Mr. Hanegraaff has indeed committed plagiarism, and if so, what they ought to do about it.
Christian Of Definitions and Discernment An Open Letter Review of Bob and Gretchen Passantino's book "Witch Hunt"
Christian On The Gender-Inclusive NIV (NIVI)
Christian Orthodoxy and Heresy Article that was later expanded for his book "A Biblical Guide to Orthodoxy and Heresy."
Christian Peter Jennings, Jesus and Paul by Robert M. Bowman, Jr.: "In this article I shall give a review, noting what Jennings and his scholars got right as well as what they got wrong.". • PDF VersionPDF file
Christian Response to Becky Groothuis' Paper (On Inclusive-Language Bible Translations)


Christian Jehovah's Witnesses A volume in the Zondervan Guide to Cults and Religious Movements.
Christian An Unchanging Faith in a Changing World : Understanding and Responding to Critical Issues That Christians Face Today Co-authored with Kenneth D. Boa.
Christian Understanding Jehovah's Witnesses : Why They Read the Bible the Way They Do
Christian The Word-Faith Controversy : Understanding the Health and Wealth Gospel by Robert Bowman. A balanced overview and thorough critique of the movement. The publisher of Apologetics Index highly recommends this book.
Robert Bowman Jr. critically examines the movement's origins and teachings, distinguishing acceptable Pentecostal practices from distorted offshoots. He insists that the word-faith movement is 'neither soundly orthodox nor thorougly heretical' and encourages charismatic believers to pursue a rich, mature, and biblical sound Pentecostalism.'' Not only does The Word-Faith Controversy  examine the founders and the message of the movement, it goes beyond the health and wealth promise to uncover what have become the most controversial aspects - what the movement's teachings on faith, words, and confession imply about God, Jesus Christ, human beings, and the nature of the Christian faith.
Back Cover, The Word-Faith Controversy

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