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» Not the same thing as rebirthing

''Birthing'' is one of the manifestations practiced, and promoted in the Toronto Blessing Movement, as well as in similar renewal and revival movements.

A person will, allegedly under the direction and influence of the Holy Spirit, squat on the ground, and pretend to give birth. This is accompanied by the moanings and groanings associated with a normal birthing process. It is claimed that the person manifesting this way is giving birth to "something spiritual."

Also a teaching (see pregnancy)

...God has revealed to me revelations... of His Spirit, of His endtime, so sacred... You never heard this word preached anywhere. It is Hot, it is sacred, it is Deep!... Come away to this place where I poured out My Holy Spirit... I will make you pregnant with My reality... The Holy Spirit is the part of God that will manifest the pregnancy in your being. Something great is about to happen to you.
Moris Cerullo, Promotional letter for his 1994 London School of Ministry

I am now impregnating some of my mature, older ministers with truth... I'm choosing my older men because I can trust them to carry that truth to full gestation and have the patience to raise it up once it is delivered... I will bring forth truth that is not now being taught and you will be part of it.
Judson Cornwall, interviewed by Pat Robertson, 700 Club, Family Channel, June 9, 1994