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Mike Bickle

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Former senior leader (until July, '99, senior pastor)at Metro Christian Fellowship, Kansas City, Kansas (Formerly: Kansas City Fellowship). Pastored the Kansas City Prophets. Promotes Latter Rain, Manifest Sons of God theology. Prominent leader in the Toronto Blessing movement.

Currently leads the International House of Prayer.

Told Charisma magazine (July, 1993):

  1. We had an elite spirit. That's become more and more real to me -- it's so repulsive.
  2. We promoted mystical experience in a disproportionate way and it was disastrous.
  3. We were careless in the way we communicated prophetic words. This was hurtful in a lot of cases.
  4. We were wrong in the way we promoted the city church concept. I still believe in it, but now I believe it's a unity based on friendship.
Charisma, July 1993

Unfortunately, that confession only scratched the surface of what was wrong at the Kansas City Fellowship.

For comments, see:
Christian The Kansas City ProphetsPDF file Chapter in Bill Randles' book "Weighed and Found Wanting"
Christian The Way of Cain - New teachings in the Christian Church- Where are They Leading Us? Feature-length examination of the movement, its teachings, and its teachers.


Christian Beware the New Prophets An extract from the book Beware the New Prophets by Bill Randles

I believe that God is going to allow us to see and to even partake in this restoration--this is a major statement and I want you to pay attention closely--to the restoration of the New Testament standard... I believe that God is going to renovate the entire understanding of what Christianity is in the nations of the Earth. I believe that the way that 99 per cent of us across the world as believers understand Christianity, in 20 years there will be a totally different understanding of what Christianity is from what it is right now. I believe the understanding of it, the standard of life and the expression of Christianity as we know it, I believe God is going to restore it in the Earth in this generation.
Bickle, Overview of Corporate Long Term Vision. January 5, 1986

But through His Word, He has given us a revelation of what He intends us to be; sons of God in the full sense of the word...God said that these people were to act as God.
"Glory and Dominion of Sonship," part 2, n.d., tape

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