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Greg Bahnsen (1948 - 1995)

Greg Bahnsen (1948 - 1995)


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Christian apologist. Studied under Dr. Cornelius Van Til, the father of presuppositionalism. Note: Bahnsen was a Reconstructionist.

Dr. Greg Bahnsen is this generation's foremost apologist, whose work has consistently underscored the abiding authority of the Word of God and the need to apply it to all of society. His seminal but controversial Theonomy in Christian Ethics is one of the foundations of the Christian Reconstruction movement.
Interview with Dr. Greg Bahnsen, Contra Mundum, Winter 1992


Christian Interview with Dr. Greg Bahnsen published in the Winter 1992 issue of Contra Mundum


Christian Van Til's Apologetic : Readings and Analysis by Greg Bahnsen. Reviewed in "Evangelicals Now."
Christian By This Standard : The Authority of God's Law Today by Greg Bahnsen. A presentation and defense of theonomy.

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Christian Applied Presuppositionalim This site, dedicated to the memory of Greg Bahnsen, carries many of his articles.
Christian Articles by Greg Bahnsen A large collection of articles by Greg Bahnsen. Hosted by Covenant Media Foundation.

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