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About Amsterdam, Holland, and Anton

About Amsterdam, Holland, and Anton


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I live in Amsterdam, which is the nation's capital. It is not quite as wild as you've heard it is. It's much wilder...

Amsterdam Emblem Emblem of Amsterdam Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands Flag

The three words - represented by the three crosses - in the emblem of Amsterdam are:

   Heroic (Read: Defiant)

   Resolute (Read: Stubborn)

   Merciful (Read: Extremely Tolerant)

Among the things I like about Holland are the facts that this country truly does have "liberty and justice" for all, that Cuban cigars are legal (though I don't smoke them), and that gifts from China don't buy that country "favorite nation" status. Hey, our Royal Family doesn't even sell coffee, rent out bedrooms, or use offices for, shall we say, "private affairs." As you may notice, I don't like double-speak (the kind where the leader of a certain country not to be further named says he wants to get rid of landmines, but when it comes down to it weasels out by claiming some special exception...). Yep, there are some things even the Dutch don't tolerate.

I frequently hear from Apologetics Index readers who plan to visit Amsterdam and would like some tips on what to see and what to avoid... Too, Americans who have moved here tend to be desperate for some basic food supplies from back home (diet staples like root beer, Oreo cookies, Kool-Aid, Jell-o, and - could this be true - Tang...).

So... since I do know what to see and do here, as well as where to get great bagels and chocolate chip cookies, I have intended to put together a "Local Guy's Guide to Amsterdam". That's not my first priority, though, as I have my hands full with keeping the A-Z index portion of this site up-to-date. Should you plan on visiting Amsterdam, you're always welcome to drop me a line, and ask for tips.

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