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About Apologetics Index

The Apologetics Index (apologeticsindex.org) 'family of web sites' provides 40,870+ pages of research resources on religious cults, sects, new religious movements, alternative religions, apologetics-, anticult-, and countercult organizations, doctrines, religious practices and world views. These resources reflect a variety of theological and/or sociological perspectives.

Apologetics Index (AI) is a non-profit, online Christian ministry with a two-fold purpose:

  • to provide Christians with apologetics research resources on cults, sects, other religious movements, doctrines and practices, and
  • to help non-Christians find relevant information on the same subjects.

AI's publishers, Anton and Janet Hein, and their team members support freedom of religion in thought and expression, as well as the freedom to present research information that helps people make informed decisions about various movements, belief systems and world views.

The publishers operate from an evangelical, Christian point of view. However, Apologetics Index evaluates cults both theologically and sociologically.

This website documents significant doctrinal differences between the essential teachings and practices of historical Christianity and those of other religions, including religious movements that claim to be compatible with Christianity.

Apologetics Index also addresses abusive churches and movements, as well as a variety of other cult research issues and controversies. In the process, we look at controversial movements and issues within the Christian community - discussing anything from aberrant teachings to full-blow heretical sects.

As a service to researchers, we also publish Religion News Blog - an up-to-date news archive about religious cults, sects, and related issues.

You'll notice that we're not neutral. However, we do our best to balance our personal opinions with links to pro-, contra-, and neutral perspectives. In addition - as explained in How to use this site - Apologetics Index also contains links to Christian, non-Christian and secular research resources.

For example, if you are looking for information about, say, Mormonism, you will find listings for Christian apologetics ministries, secular anti-cult sites, links to the Mormon Church and Mormon apologetics organizations, as well as selected articles on the subject from Christian, Mormon, and secular perspectives.

Likewise the section on, for instance, Wicca, includes resources from Christian, secular, and pagan perspectives.

Please note that this site is a work in process. It is never quite finished. You'll find both extensive and brief entries. Some entries include pointers to a wide variety of resources, usually from various perspectives, while other entries are - for the time being - briefer and/or more one-sided. The entries are expanded as time and energy permit. Of course, we welcome suggestions for relevant resources to include.

Feedback received shows that Apologetics Index is used by apologists, students, parents, pastors, media professionals, educators, counselors, researchers, religious leaders, authors, politicians, ex-cult members, current members of a wide variety of religious movements, and many others.

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