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This is a mainstream Christian organization.

In the USA, the Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation regularly spends millions of dollars on TV and magazine ads, offering their free book, "Power for Living." No contributions are solicited or accepted, names of those requesting the book are not added to mailing lists, nothing is being offered for sale, and aside from sending the book no one is contacted. The organization does not grant interviews. This approach has puzzled many, with some wondering whether the book promotes a cult. It does not.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

A Times reporter who phoned the foundation headquarters in West Palm Beach was offered a short printed statement by fax:

"The Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation is a private philanthropic organization that identifies and addresses some major concerns within our society. . . . The objective of the 'Power for Living' project is to acquaint people with the biblical account of how [they] can know God in a personal way. This is done by . . . promoting the free, nondenominational book. . . . The Foundation has a history of not seeking publicity for itself . . . but, rather, of letting its projects speak for themselves. . . . We will continue to adhere to that policy."
Inspired to Give Something for Nothing . . . What's the Catch?, Los Angeles Times, Jan. 19, 1999

"Power for Living," - which can be ordered by calling a toll-free phone number or via a web site - was written by the late Jamie Buckingham, a Christian pastor. The book, intended for non-believers, is soundly evangelical. The Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation, established in 1955, is a non-profit group located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Its stated purpose is to "support [Christian] programs initiated and managed by the foundation that are evangelistic and discipling in nature."

Arthur S. Demoss made his fortune as founder of the National Liberty Life Insurance Co. He was known for his evangelistic efforts among business people, whom he considered to be a neglected mission field. Since his death, in 1979, his wife has been running the foundation.

As founder of the National Liberty Life Insurance Co., Arthur S. DeMoss helped pioneer the art of selling low-cost insurance by direct mail. When he died in 1979, National Liberty, which employed Art Linkletter as its spokesman, had 1.5 million policyholders, $500 million in assets, and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Since DeMoss' death, his wife has run the foundation, and does not grant interviews. Nor do his children, who are all active in foundation work and other evangelical Christian causes.

And what about this book, ''Power for Living,'' which the foundation now gives away?

It was written more than a decade ago by the late Jamie Buckingham, a pastor who wrote 44 other religious volumes (nine of them co-written with Kathryn Kuhlman).

Buckingham's widow, Jacqueline, says that in 1984 the foundation had a committee that tried to write the book, but Nancy DeMoss was not happy with the result, so the group asked her husband to rewrite it.

She says the book is ''meant for new converts'' and was offered on TV once before, about 10 years ago. She has looked at the new version and is happy to see that it's ''just the same -Jamie's words and writings -- except they've added some new testimonies.''

Cynics who suspect ulterior motives in these DeMoss ads will find little research to bolster their fears.

Says Yale's Weaver: ''My sense of the group, from what I've heard, is that it seeks to have great integrity, to not be exploitative.''
Source: Detroit News, Jan. 22, 1999

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