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Non-Christian Apostles of Infinite Love


Cult based in Canada. Followers believe the group's leader, Jean-Gaston Tremblay, is the real pope.

ST-JEROME, Que. (CP) -- The Crown has withdrawn all assault and sex charges brought against the leader of the Apostles of Infinite Love and three of the sect's followers.

Jean-Gaston Tremblay, 72, whose supporters believe that he's the real pope, was facing nearly two dozen charges for incidents dating from the late 1960s and early 70s.

The charges, laid after a 1999 police raid on the religious compound's sprawling property, were all dropped Wednesday. Two women also were charged with assault and another man was charged with assault and sexual assault.

The Crown told the court it couldn't go ahead because there were too many problems with the evidence about the alleged abuse of seven boys and a girl.

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