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America's Promise Ministries

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Racist, white supremacy movement that promotes so-called Christian Identity teachings.

... just west of Sandpoint, in a former restaurant on a dirt road, is America's Promise Ministries, a Christian Identity church. The church's sign is almost totally covered with obscene graffiti. Someone spray-painted Stars of David on the walls by the door, and the phrase "Black People Rule" on the concrete steps.

Inside, the two largest decorations are a tall poster chronicling the lineage of "White Christian Israelites" and a large photograph of the United Nations in New York City under the title "Lamentations For a Dying Republic."

Pastor Dave Barley, who says he does not associate with violent groups like Butler's, preached the Christian Identity message on a recent Sunday: that America is losing its greatness, and its greatness is attributable only to the white Christians who came from Europe.

"It didn't come from the blacks," Barley said, describing America's greatness during a prayer. "It didn't come from the Asians, and it certainly didn't come from the Jews. They wanted to become a part of our nation because of the light. Now, they want it because of greed."

On that Sunday, 21 people listened to Barley; 13 of them were children and nine of them were f