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Christian apologetics ministry. Founder and executive director, Daryl E. Witmer.

Areopagus (Hill of Ares/Mar's Hill) became prominent in ancient Greece well before the time of Christ. The original Areopagus was an established and respected council in Athens, as well as a place for the exchange of information and commentary on various new religious views and philosophies.

In the New Testament Bible Book of Acts, chapter 17 , there is related an account of the apostle Paul's visit to the Areopagus, and of his effective proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in that forum.

Areopagus II America (AIIA) is a contemporary adapted construct of the original Areopagus. Like its ancient counterpart, AIIA offers information and perspective on various worldviews and thought forms. Unlike the original Areopagus, the perspective and response offered by AIIA is distinctly Christian in nature. In this sense, AIIA may be considered a missionary outreach to America in this postmodern era-reflective of what we believe to be a strategic response to an age in which the mission field is more and more being marked by ideology rather than geography.

AIIA offers:

  • Areopagus Proclamation, a monthly thoughtletter mailed free of charge to all who request it, along with The Maine Witmer Family Report-a diary and album based on the Witmer family's ongoing effort to live out the Christian faith.
  • Personal speaking engagements, seminars, workshops, and conferences
  • Presentations through public forums, position papers, panel discussions, and mock or real debates staged in non-threatening public locations
  • Christian Apologetics Resource and ThoughtCenter, offering study courses and library resources - including textbooks, audio and video tapes, papers, and computer media
  • AIIA's Annual Index of 100 Leading Apologetic Resources-updated regularly throughout the year
  • Annual Spring Youth Symposium on Christian Evidences (regional)
  • AIIA's Fall Apologetics Conference
  • Regional Think Tanks
  • Drama Guilds & Ministry Teams

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PO Box 262
Monson, Maine 04464-0262

Phone/Fax: (207) 997-36244 Email: AIIAmerica@aol.com

- Sites -
Christian Areopagus II America AIIA does not (yet) have its own website. This page is hosted by the New England Institute of Religious Research (NEIRR), whose founder, Robert Pardon, is affiliated with AIIA.

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