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A quick look at the May 5 planetary lineup

A quick look at the May 5 planetary lineup


The Internet and other sources are predicting either disaster or profound meaning for May 5, 2000, when several planets will be ''lined up''in the sign of Taurus.

Does this really mean anything?

As a former astrologer, I find it rather odd to give any meaning to this lineup. First of all, the planet Mars, which is always named as one of the planets in the lineup, will leave Taurus and enter Gemini in the early morning hours of May 4th, Eastern time, where it remains until entering the sign of Cancer in mid-June. Mars will not be in Taurus most of May 4th and certainly not on May 5th. Neither will the moon be in Taurus, as it enters Gemini on May 4th as well.

Secondly, Jupiter and Saturn, also part of the lineup, are conjunct (close together) about every 20 years. Anyone looking for a pattern every 20 years or so is bound to find something, so somebody somewhere could probably link significant events to this conjunction if they wanted to, but it is impossible to predict or prove anything with it. This pattern happens too often to be very meaningful. Furthermore, these two planets are not exactly conjunct until May 28-29.

Most importantly, the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are not part of this lineup at all. Uranus and Neptune will be in Aquarius (but not together), and Pluto will be in Sagittarius. This is significant because in astrology these three outer planets, which move more slowly than the inner planets, are believed to symbolize energies or archetypes that impact humanity collectively. The inner planets, Mercury through Jupiter (along with the sun and moon), are interpreted on a more personal, not global, level. Saturn usually falls in a gray area between inner and outer planets.

It is a clear teaching in astrology that events which have far-reaching effects on society are represented by the three outer planets. These planets are often interpreted as standing for the collective unconscious forces of humanity, a teaching derived from Carl Jung's theories that humanity shares a common unconscious and memory. Even in an individual's astrological chart, the outer planets moving around the chart are given more weight when looking for long-term and/or more profound changes or challenges coming into the person's life.

Other things to take note of are that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are several degrees in Taurus away from each other on May 5; and the Sun is closest to Jupiter but still about 3 degrees away (each zodiac sign has 30 degrees). The so-called lineup in Taurus on May 5 looks like this: Venus at about 4 degrees, Mercury at 9-10 degrees, the Sun moving at 14-15 degrees, Jupiter at 17 degrees, and Saturn inching along at 19 degrees.  (1) 

This lineup is virtually meaningless astrologically speaking, certainly as far as any significant or global event is concerned. Even if something does happen, it would not be linked to such a weak formation of the inner planets from an astrological viewpoint. In short, if I were still a practicing astrologer, I would not attach any meaning to this lineup at all.

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  • [Back to text] Neil F. Michelsen, The American Ephemeris for the 20th Century, 1900-2000, at Midnight, Revised Fifth Edition (San Diego: ACS Publications, 1995).

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Marcia Montenegro was a professional practicing astrologer for 8 yrs., President of the Metropolitan Astrological Society, and taught astrology for over 5 yrs. She currently operates CANA - Christian Answers For The New Age