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About Acupuncture


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An ancient Chinese healing art in which fine needles are inserted into precise points in the body. These points are located on meridians through which qi energy flows and through whcih they are linked to internal organs. Diagnosis is based on traditional Chinese medicine in which illness is seen as an imbalance of energy or blockage in energy flow. The object of acupuncture is to correct these imbalances and restore the flow of qi energy throug the meridians. This may involve using electricity, laser, magnetism, or heat as well as needle puncture techniques.
Peter Gravett, Making Sense of English in Alternative Medicine, Chambers Harrap Publisher, Edinburgh, 1993

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Christian Acupuncture - A Christian Assessment by Andrew Fergusson, General Secretary of Christian Medical Fellowship. Concludes:

There is evidence that acupuncture works for a few painful conditions and there are suggestions for a rational scientific basis such that no belief need be placed in Eastern religion. I do not believe acupuncture necessarily involves the occult at all, though as in all alternative treatments I advise great caution about the therapist. I believe that performed for a proper indication by a reliable practitioner (preferably medically qualified) acupuncture can be acceptable. I suggest traditionalists using it in other situations and for other indications should be avoided as of course should anything that might be occult.

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