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Formely: Aryan Nations

Name briefly used by Richard Butler after he lost the name ''Aryan Nations'' - along with pretty much everything else - in a lawsuit against his hate group.

Butler said he will keep using the names ''Church of Jesus Christ Christian'' and ''Aryan Nations'' even though they will be part of the ''intellectual properties'' sold at the bankruptcy sale. For a brief time, Butler changed his group's name to Aryan National Alliance, but abandoned that last week when its Web site contact defected to the Church of True Israel.
Former Aryans desert Butler for new church, The Spokesman Review, Jan. 20, 2001

Richard Girnt Butler has moved away from 20 acres he spent the last quarter-century fashioning into one of the premier hate compounds in the United States.

Butler moved on Friday to a neighborhood tract home in Hayden, purchased by his friend and racist-ally Vince Bertollini of the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger. (...)

Bertollini and wealthy retired businessman Carl Story comprise the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger, which has supported the Aryan Nations and shares its racist philosophy through a religion known as Christian Identity. (...)

Butler must relinquish the 20-acre compound and the name ''Aryan Nations'' and its Web site to partially satisfy a $6.3 million judgment returned against him on Sept. 7.

He says his new organization will be called the Aryan National Alliance, which will have a new Web site.

The judgment against Butler came in a suit brought by Victoria and Jason Keenan, a woman and her son who were assaulted by three Aryan guards in 1998.
Richard Butler leaves his hate compound, The Spokesman-Review, Oct. 24, 2000

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