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Renos Avraam

Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity Renos Avraam

In prison, serving a 10-year term for his part in the shootout between the Branch Davidians and the B.A.T.F (Feb. 28, 1993), Avraam considers himself the "Chosen Vessel of the Remaining Bride" - David Koresh' true successor. As such he has completed a significant theological work of what he calls "hidden manna" of the Seven Seals (Sites listed under Hidden Manna). Avraam, who claims to be a prophet, is said to reveal "New Light (New Truth)." At one time, he expected David Koresh to return in August, 1999, and in his book he warns that those of Koresh' followers who reject his message will be the first(!) to be killed when he does.

It appears only a few of the survivors accept his message, but his Hidden Manna has gained some new followers. This Branch Davidians faction is evangelistic in nature, as evidenced by the group-specific domain names it has registered: branchdavidian.com, davidkoresh.com, sevenseals.com and seventrumpets.com