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Recovering From Churches That Abuse — Online Book

The publishers of Apologetics Index have received permission from Dr. Ronald M. Enroth to post online the full text of his book, Recovering From Churches That Abuse — the sequel to Churches That Abuse.

As is the case with Churches That Abuse, this book has now been out of print for a number of years as well.

Yet it continues to be of great help to people who have been affected by abusive churches. As the book’s cover indicates, it deals with

* The road back from spiritual abuse
* Healing for families who hurt
* Reentry for survivors of cults and sects
* Guidance for pastors and counselors

Ronald M. Enroth is a leading scholar and national resource on cults and cultism whose special perspectives are heartily welcomed by both the secular and the religious society. He is professor of sociology at Westmost College and the author of many books on cults and the new religions including The Lure of the Cults and New Religions and Evangelizing the Cults.

The following description comes from the book’s front flap:

When Ronald Enroth wrote the best-selling book Churches That Abuse, he touched a nerve with many people who had experienced the pain inflicted by fringe churches and religious groups having authoritarian or other hurtful styles. In this book Enroth points the way toward spiritual and emotional healing for those who have come out of these groups.

This book will help the victims of spiritual abuse and their families cope with reentry into the Christian mainstream, and it will prove invaluable to counselors and pastors who are helping these people to find their way. Specific topics, presented through the narrative style of the book, include dispelling emotional confusion, restoring relationships, regaining independence and making other life adjustments, coping with disorientation, returning to reality, and renewing a wholesome personal relationship with God.


When the paperback version of this book was published it included the following endorsements under the introduction, “What people say about Churches That Abuse:”

“One of the top ten books of 1992.”
– Source: Christianity Today, poll

“Enroth has done a tremendous service to the Christian and secular communities — will serve as a classic.”
– Source: Christian Research Journal

“By equipping readers with the very discernment skills for which Enroth pleds, Churches That Abuse may help break the spell of abusive ministers and churches.”
– Source: Christianity Today

“Pastors need to read this book.”
– Source: Advance, Assemblies of God

For additional reviews, see the reader reviews at Amazon.com

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The full text of Recovering From Churches That Abuse has been placed online at Apologetics Index by permission from the book’s author, Dr. Ronald M. Enroth.

© Copyright 1992 by Ronald M. Enroth.

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While this book is no longer in print, second-hand copies [Hardcover or Paperback] can often still be obtained via booksellers such as Amazon.com.

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