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  • Science + Religion Today Informative news blog, edited by Karl Giberson, an internationally known scholar of science and religion, and Heather Wax, a science writer and the former features editor of Science & Spirit magazine.


  • Is This Your Brain On God? Multimedia presentation from National Public Radio (USA): “More than half of adult Americans report they have had a spiritual experience that changed their lives. Now, scientists from universities like Harvard, Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins are using new technologies to analyze the brains of people who claim they have touched the spiritual — from Christians who speak in tongues to Buddhist monks to people who claim to have had near-death experiences. Hear what they have discovered in this controversial field, as the science of spirituality continues to evolve.”



  • Eye Design Online book by Curt Decker, PhD.

    This Web Site states an opinion on intelligent design that it is very controversial to some people. It is up to the reader to evaluate the evidence and decide. It is designed to express an intelligent design opinion by looking at the design of eyes. It uses support material from a wide variety of sources for that purpose.

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