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Note: The course described on this page is no longer available.

The site now redirects to Cold-Case Christianity (coldcasechristianity.com), operated by the same author.

Jim Wallace now sells 4 different curriculum sets, suitable for small groups.

The website itself includes a huge amount of articles, study materials, and podcasts. Well worth your time.

PleaseConvinceMe.com is making available a free course in Christian apologetics, presented as the Please Convince Me Academy.

Site owner Jim Wallace writes:

I get emails from many of you who are looking for a curriculum that can be used personally to train yourselves up as apologists or can be used to train up a small group.

The problem generally is that curriculum on the market is either short or expensive.

I’ve done my best to assemble some of our materials in a format that you can use on your own or with your group, and I do think that our Academy pages are ready now and up to the task.

Each page is now organized into individual lessons that group all the materials together in one place. Each lesson contains downloads that can be opened by clicking the icon or saved by right clicking the icon and selecting “save target as”. You can then save and organize the materials on your own hard drove for use later.

The lessons are designed to allow you to read the material and take notes on a note page that then becomes a Bible Insert to remind you about the material later.

In addition, most of the lessons also have an audio file to listen along to a discussion that is related to the article and insert (we’ll be adding even more of these along the way). Finally, I’ve included a number of additional materials to help you take another step with each lesson and bonus materials in related topics.

– Source: The New PCM Academy

Please Convince Me Academy Courses

Please Convince Me Academy

Jim Wallace

Jim is a detective (currently working cold case homicides), a church planter and an apologist for the Christian worldview, but he wasn’t always convinced that Christianity is true.

Growing up as an atheist, Jim received a Bachelor’s Degree in Design (CSULB) and a Master’s Degree in Architecture (UCLA), and he didn’t actually look at the evidence supporting the Christian worldview until he began his 21 year career as a detective.

At the age of 35 he gave his life to Christ after God changed his heart and his resistance to the cumulative case for Christianity.

Several years later Jim completed a second Master’s Degree in Theology (GGBTS), and began PleaseConvinceMe.com.

His diverse experiences have provided him with some unique opportunities to examine the logical conclusions and practical realities of the “secular world view” and compare these to the truth claims of Biblical Christianity.

Jim’s evidential approach to theology, philosophy and worldview relies heavily on his experience as a cold case homicide detective.

Jim is listed at Apologetics 315’s list of 100 Christian Apologists.

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