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Various graduate, undergraduate and non-accredited Christian apologetics training courses.

  • BiblicalTraining.org
    Apologetics (mp3) This series of lectures by Ronald Nash provides an introductory course to Christian apologetics.
  • Biola University
    Master of Arts Degree in Christian Apologetics [USA, On Campus | Distance]

    Biola University’s M.A. in Christian Apologetics is a premier graduate degree in the defense of the Christian faith. Currently, there are no other degree programs like this one. The accredited 36-unit curriculum is flexible and offers students the opportunity to study broadly in the field of Christian apologetics.

    Certificate Program in Christian Apologetics [USA, On Campus]

    To ensure that all Christians have access to training in the defense of the faith regardless of educational background, the Graduate Program in Christian Apologetics at Biola University offers a program leading to a certificate of study in Christian Apologetics.

    This is a specialized program of instruction open to anyone who, for whatever reason, is unable to take part in a degree program but still wishes to be better prepared for the proclamation and defense of the faith.

  • Birmingham Theological Seminary [USA, On Campus]
    Master of Arts in Apologetics

    The Master of Arts in Apologetics, offered in conjunction with the Apologetics Resource Center (ARC), is designed to prepare Christians academically and practically for proclaiming and defending the historic doctrines of the Christian faith.

    Through a careful study of the Scriptures, theology, philosophy, and contemporary culture, students will gain knowledge and skill to answer challenges to the Christian faith with intelligence and love. The education provided by this program will enable the student to impact the unbelieving world with the truth-claims of Christianity.

    This degree is useful for anyone who plans to engage the culture with a relevant apologetic in their everyday lives, as well as for students who plan to do further studies in apologetics or philosophy.

    Certificate of Apologetics

    The Certificate in Apologetics, offered in conjunction with the Apologetics Resource Center (ARC), is designed for those who desire training in apologetics, but who do not meet the requirements for or do not wish to pursue the master’s degree.

  • CARM Online School of Apologetics [USA, Distance Learning] Provided by Matt Slick, of CARM.

    The CARM online School of Apologetics is designed to help you easily learn how to answer problems and positions of false religious groups, atheism, evolution, and more. Like the school of theology (which I recommend that you take to be grounded in Christian theology), the Apologetics School is tuition based ($75). It will help you take the school more seriously as well as help support CARM financially.

    The online school is not accredited. It is simply a CARM-based effort. But, going through the school is beneficial since it takes you step by step through various apologetic topics.

  • Christian Heritage [UK, On Campus] Offers various Saturday and Summer School programs

    Christian Heritage provides formal training in theology and apologetics.

    It continues the annual Cambridge Summer School of Theology, a one-week theological training course in June, which covers the fundamentals of the Christian faith over a six-year cycle.

    It also runs summer schools in apologetics – an Introduction to Apologetics for younger Christians and Further Apologetics for those who have responsibilities in, and a vision for, church ministry within the community. We seek to encourage and train people to intelligently engage with those nearest them in their surrounding secular contexts.

  • Columbia Evangelical Seminary [USA, Distance Learning] Courses in a variety of apologetics-related topics

    It is important to make clear that though we offer studies in a variety of theological and philosophical perspectives, CES does not necessarily endorse all of the positions listed in the course descriptions. However, rather than simply telling students what to think, it is our belief that an institution of education should allow an open atmosphere of learning, and that includes reading, studying, and critiquing various perspectives within Christianity. We believe that students deserve the right to read, critique, and decide for themselves which perspectives they believe to be correct. To this end, some courses are set up to see both sides of a debate: for example see courses TH-603/803 Eschatology, TH-206/406 Sanctification, and TH-615/815 Perpetuity of Spiritual Gifts.

  • Denver Seminary Certificate in Christian Apologetics [USA, On Campus]
  • Liberty University [USA, Blended course: online and on campus] Ph.D. in Theology & Apologetics

    Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary’s Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Theology and Apologetics provides advanced training in the fields of christian theology and apologetics, equipping students to become leaders in academics and ministry and providing direct interaction with leaders in theology and apologetics while also offering practical opportunities to write and teach in the field.

    This degree will qualify the student to teach at the university or graduate level, while also providing insight and information useful to the professional minister. With the emphasis on both theology and apologetics, the Ph.D. will give students an opportunity to learn about their faith and how to defend it. The dual emphasis is unique among Liberty’s peer institutions and should create multiple opportunities for graduates as both professors and pastors.

  • Luther Rice Seminary University [USA, On Campus | Distance Learning] Master of Arts in Apologetics

    The purpose of the Master of Arts in Apologetics (MAA) is to equip students with knowledge in issues related to the rational and biblical defense of the truth of the Christian faith.

    The MAA is a 36 semester hour degree program consisting of 18 semester hours of core courses and 18 semester hours of Apologetics courses. The program is available all online or on campus in Metro Atlanta.

  • Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics [UK, On Campus] One Year Certificate in Christian Apologetics

    Spend a full academic year in the inspiring surroundings of Oxford University. Enjoy the stimulation of a challenging academic programme with the opportunity to sharpen apologetic and evangelistic skills. A unique combination of theological training with practical training. […]

    A standard week in the life of a Certificate student will include core teaching on apologetics and evangelism, preaching workshops, discussion seminars, and both OCCA and Wycliffe Hall community meetings. Core Certificate teaching is provided by Professor Alister McGrath, Dr Michael Green, Professor John Lennox, Michael Ramsden, Amy Orr-Ewing and various guest lecturers. Students also have the opportunity to attend Wycliffe Hall lectures and may, subject to permission from the lecturer, be able to attend select lectures at Oxford University.

    Students are given the chance to accompany Dr Michael Green and RZIM Zacharias Trust staff (Michael Ramsden and Amy Orr-Ewing) on ministry and mission events. In addition, they are encouraged to become involved in the various exciting Oxford church outreach initiatives.

  • Southern Evangelical Seminary [USA, On Campus | Distance] Various undergraduate and graduate apologetics courses, including Master of Arts and Certificate of Arts.

    The Master of Arts degree prepares pastors and teachers as well as missionaries and workers in counter-cult ministries with the apologetic skills and understanding to lead and teach a congregation or other groups in reaching out to the world around them. It also provides specialized training for committed lay Christians for non-pastoral ministries particularly in apologetics and counter-cult ministries.

    Certain students who do not fully meet the undergraduate requirements for entrance into one of the degree programs may petition for entrance into the certificate program.

  • Tekton Apologetics University [USA, Distance Learning] Provided by James Patrick Holding, of Tekton Education and Apologetics Ministry

    TAU is structured in a way that assumes that you have been through a starter course like CARM‘s. Its purpose is to take you a step further along that road to confident presentation of the Gospel, in dialogue, and in rational defense of the Christian faith. It will also help enrich your understanding of God’s Word and prepare you to face the many difficult challenges that are emerging against our faith in a world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity.

  • Tyndale Theological Seminary [USA: On Campus or Online] Master of Biblical Studies in Apologetics

    Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute is not accredited, and has no plans to pursue any type of accreditation for several particular reasons: (1) to keep our expenses low, enabling Tyndale tomaintain its very low tuition rates — pursuit of accreditation would require a dramatic increase in costs passed on to the student; (2) to maintain doctrinal autonomy, and (3) to continue the utilization of Tyndale-educated faculty to ensure theological and philosophical consistency with the doctrinal statement and mission of Tyndale. Pursuit of accreditation would make this increasingly difficult. [source]

  • Veritas Evangelical Seminary [USA, On Campus | Distance Learning] Master of Apologetics

    The Master of Apologetics (M.C.A.) is a 66 unit degree program designed to be completed in two (2) years of full time study. This program builds on the core requirements described under the M.T.S. course of study by adding 30 units in the area of Christian apologetics and philosophy. This degree is designed for lay persons, those in counter-cult ministries, and who are engaged in non-pastoral ministry activities. Of particular importance is the program’s focus on educating students to train those in the local church or those who seek to be in leadership roles involving apologetic skills. Upon completion of the program, each student will have demonstrated knowledge in the areas of theological studies, Old and New Testament, Christian apologetics, alternative religious perspectives and worldviews, Christian ethics, and philosphy as it relates to proclaiming and defending Christian doctrine.

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