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If you have a keen interest in Christian apologetics you know how difficult it is to keep up with the massive growth of information on cults, the occult, new religious movements, world religions, spiritual trends in modern culture, and general apologetics.

That’s why apologist and researcher Rich Poll created the research journal, Apologia Report.

Published as a weekly email newsletter, Apologia Report summarizes and reviews numerous magazines, journals, books and news publication to identify the most valuable resources to aid Christians in their study of other worldviews.

With access to over 600 periodicals and years of Internet exploration, Apologia Report draws on two or three times the source material of any other similar publication.

Apologia Report is thus designed to be a time-saving resource for Christian leaders who want to keep current on spiritual trends in order to understand and impact their culture for Jesus Christ.

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While the publication is edited by — and intended for — Christians, non-Christians interested in the topics covered will also find Apologia Report to be a valuable research resource.


Rich Poll began began writing semi-weekly research bulletins for his colleagues at the Christian Research Institute in 1985. A decade later he launched Apologia — a ministry dedicated to provide the same service to a wider audience.

Former Christian Research Institute staff members Paul Carden and Robert Velarde also contribute to Apologia Report.

Now free of charge

Apologia Report was formerly available at a subscription rate of $105/year for institutions.

It is now being offered free of charge — a move designed to increase the circulation of the publication.

Additional information, including sample issue and feedback received from readers, is available online at apologia.org

This is a highly recommended resource.


Note that Apologia also operates AR-talk, a free-access, moderated Internet e-mail discussion of resources, particularly those covered in Apologia Report.

If you have a question about something covered in our publication or a related topic, the members of AR-talk can point you to helpful resources. You don’t have to be a Christian to participate. If you are interested in finding and sharing information on religion and culture, AR-talk will become a useful tool for your personal development.
– Source: What is AR-talk?

AR-talk is limited to finding and sharing information about apologetic resources, and not for extended discussion.

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