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Global Country of World Peace

Transcendental Meditation’s Global Country of World Peace

Basically, the Global Country of World Peace is a world-wide fantasy land thought up by Transcendental Meditation‘s Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The official website states:

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has brought the knowledge of Total Natural Law for every individual and every nation to enjoy permanent peace in the Global Country of World Peace.
– Source: Global Country of World Peace, official website.

King – "First Ruler" – of the global country is Lebanese-born, Tony Nader. His followers refer to him as "His Majesty Raja Nader Raam."

He explains that the Global Country of World Peace aims to bring peace to the world through the same means consistently avocated by the Transcendental Meditation movement: meditation and yogic flying.

Nader, who says he is a trained physician with degrees from the American University of Beirut and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, talks about gravity, modern science, physics and psychology. "It all connects," he says. "We say there is order in the universe."

This order is also called "laws of nature." And with these laws all actions can be predicted. "But of course you can’t know all of the laws," Nader says.

"The question is, where do all the laws come from?" he asks. You shrug your shoulders.

His theory is based on common knowledge of simplified physics. Everything is made of energy ­ atoms, the human body, the universe. It all has the same structure, says Nader. He calls this the unified field, which is the home of the laws of nature.

The solution to the world’s problems lies in this field. Since this field is inside everybody, simply exploring it automatically brings good into the world.

This is done by yogic flying.

Source: ‘King of the world’ preaches peace through ‘yogic flying’, The Daily Star (Lebanon), Nov. 9, 2002

[The Maharishi’s] plan goes like this: He will build 3,000 "Peace Palaces" around the world, including one somewhere near Washington. In each palace, hundreds of his followers will be engaged full time in "yogic flying" — an advanced version of Transcendental Meditation in which the meditators sort of hop around the room while sitting cross-legged. This practice, he says, sends out powerful positive vibrations that reduce stress, crime and violence. With hundreds of people doing yogic flying in 3,000 different places, peace will break out all over.

Last fall, after the events of Sept. 11, the maharishi announced that if some government gave him a billion dollars, he would end terrorism and create peace by hiring 40,000 yogic fliers to start hopping full time. No government took him up on the offer, which clearly irks him.

"I’m not going to waste my time convincing governments," he said yesterday. "I’m going to create these groups that will create coherency in every country."

When government money failed to materialize, the maharishi decided to fund his project through bonds issued by the Global Country of World Peace, which he founded last year as a virtual nation without any actual land.

Source: Taking a Yogic Flier on ‘Peace Bonds’, Washington Post, Aug. 29, 2002

The country’s international capitol is Vedic City, Iowa (USA), which they consider to be a physical representation of a spiritual country

"The governments of any country are not going to object to having a supporting organization in the country," says John Hagelin, Global Country’s Minister of Science & Technology, "Just like the United Nations exists in New York to provide support to every country, the global country of world peace will not usurp the responsibility of government."

The Global Country of World Peace has its own king and its own currency. It was started as part of the Transcendental Meditation movement; they say to help promote peace. One of the things that, until now, has made it a little unique compared to other nations is a lack of borders.


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