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Our ‘family of web sites’ is doing well. In addition to our main sites, Apologetics Index and Religion News Blog, it includes CultFAQ.org (Frequently Asked Questions About Cults), GraceAndMercy.org (articles about God’s grace and mercy) and HouseChurch.nl (information about the church that meets at our home).

Combined, these sites include over 19,100 pages – visited this year by an average of 17,198 visitors a day!

And we aren’t done yet. Additional web sites are slated to be introduced in the new year (stay tuned…).

Following is information about each of our web sites:

Apologetics Index

Last September marked the ninth year that Apologetics Index has been online. As we have mentioned before, when we started the site, we had no idea it would grow anywhere near as big as it has. In the process, I (Anton) learned HTML as I went along – which explains all the different page styles you encounter on the site. It’s a good thing people visit the site for the content and not for the design!

Speaking of content, though: this year we have added and updated far fewer entries than in previous years. That is largely due to the fact that we have had to invest time and energy in other projects, including offline ministry. However, we have recently installed a new content management system that makes it much easier for us to add and update entries in Apologetics Index. You may already have noticed our new design that goes along with it, along with a spurt of recent entries. (That said, since it is near impossible to easily port the older pages over to the new design, most AI pages published before now will remain online in the old formats.

Examples of some recent Apologetics Index entries include:

We have a long list of additional entries that we plan to add. Click here if you wish to receive an email alert each time a new entry is posted to Apologetics Index.

Judging by the feedback we receive we ‘guestimate’ that some 65% of the people who use Apologetics Index come from a non-Christian background. Many of our guests express their appreciation of the fact that while we are opinionated – with a clearly stated viewpoint of our own – we also link to opposing viewpoints.

As always, the aim of Apologetics Index is to encourage research (Details).

That said, we have heard from dozens of people who – having searched and researched – have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior!

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First published (or major update) on Friday, December 30, 2005.
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