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FAQ: Shouldn’t you take a more neutral approach?


I found Apologetics Index when I was looking for information about the FLDS, the polygamist sect in Texas that has been in the news here. I live in Colorado not far away from one of their towns.

The links and information you post have been really helpful in getting to understand what this group is all about. But I do not understand why your website also includes statements of opinion such as denouncing Mormonism as “not Christian.” I am not a Mormon but I can imagine that Mormons would take exception to the way you portray their religion. The same is true for Islam, Scientology and the Word-Faith movement, to name just a few.

Shouldn’t you take a more neutral approach?


We don’t think so. In our About Apologetics Index article we clearly state from which perspective we operate, and we also include this statement:

You’ll notice that we’re not neutral. However, we do our best to balance our personal opinions with links to pro-, contra-, and neutral perspectives. In addition – as explained in How To Use This Site – Apologetics Index also contains links to Christian, non-Christian and secular research resources.

We see wrong nothing wrong with having and sharing opinions. (We think it makes life more interesting…). We do think our opinions are informed — and more often than not we show why we hold certain opinions, as is the case with our information on Mormonism.

Naturally we never force anyone to accept our opinions, and we are not afraid to hear (and link to) opposing viewpoints. The latter is what sets Apologetics Index apart from many similar websites.

For instance, as Christians we have certain views regarding Witchcraft or Wicca. But our entry on this topic includes links to research resources from Christian, secular, and pagan perspectives.

Not many Christian apologetics websites would link to sites operated by self-proclaimed witches. Apologetics Index does link to such sites, because we encourage research — and beyond that, respectful dialogue. (See our note to the article Neo-Paganism: Is Dialogue Possible?)

Lots of positive feedback shows that most Apologetics Index users appreciate this approach.

We admit that we provide an odd mixture of articles, opinions, links, and other research resources. We think it makes for a fascinating website, and we love the fact that it has brought us into contact with countless wonderful people. Some people write to ask for information. Others to share stuff. Still others indeed interact with our statements of opinion.

In the end we have been able to help many people gain a greater understand of things they have expressed an interest in. We have also been able to help many people leave religious cults or abusive churches, or turn away from harmful doctrines.

So, no… we don’t don’t want to take a more neutral approach.

Anton and Janet Hein

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