Church of Wells

Theologically, the Church of Wells is a cult of Christianity, meaning that its teaching and/or practices place this group outside the boundaries of the Christian faith — even though the church claims to be Christian in nature.

Among other issues, the church denies salvation by faith alone, thus rejecting one of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith.

It follows that members of this church are not Christians.

Sociologically the Church of Wells also has many cult-like elements — for instance in the level to which its leaders expect followers to obey them unquestioningly.

The Church of Wells is a mind control cult. It brainwashes people into thinking that salvation can only be obtained and maintained by being part of their church. The cult teaches that those who leave the Church of Wells are apostates of the Christian faith.

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Members of this church are known for their in-your-face ‘evangelism,’ which tends to consist of harassing passers-by or disturbing services in other churches.

When arrested, they claim they are being persecuted for their faith.

These resources may be helpful to those who are or have been involved with this church:

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News items about the Church of Wells

Tony Milano, of Cross Encounters Radio has a panel discussion on the question, “Is The Church of Wells a Cult?”

A Christian woman’s examination of Church of Wells teachings.

A Christian man talks about “the perverse spirit of the Church of Wells.”

Filmmaker Rena Montedoro joins the pastor of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Houston on the Sin Boldly Radio Show to take an in-depth look at the Church of Wells in Wells, TX.


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  • Church of Wells – Discerning the CoW (Contra) Note domain name: Designed in the style used by the official Church of Wells website, Discerning the CoW documents the unbiblical teachings and practices of this cult of Christianity.
  • Church of Wells (Caution: Official website) The website of the Church of Wells is designed in an a clear attempt to gain credibility by association. The ‘Discerning the CoW website listed above points out:

    The Church of Wells uses portraits, links, articles, sermons, and other media from these godly men on its website in an attempt to build for themselves a credibility by association. The only credibility they have attained, however, is a false one. The historic figures to whom The Church of Wells appeals would never have associated themselves with the CoW’s teaching or practice; and some of those who are still living have even requested complete disassociation from the CoW, its ministry, and its website. Unfortunately, such requests have often been denied or ignored.

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