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Churches That Abuse — Notice & Disclaimer

Important Notice / Disclaimer

Churches That Abuse was published in July, 1993 — fifteen years ago at the time of this writing. 22 years ago.

Several of the groups, churches and movements Enroth describes in Churches That Abuse no longer exist. Others have changed their teachings and/or practices. Where names are named we urge the reader to investigate the current status of these groups, churches and movements. Our approach at Apologetics Index has always been to encourage independent research.

The publishers of Apologetics Index, who among other things are involved in counseling former members of abusive groups, believe the great value of this book lies in the fact that it addresses characteristics of abusive churches in a way that can help readers identify problems within their own groups.

While members of abusive churches tend to be blind to problems within their own groups or movements — they’re more likely to recognize similar issues when they read about the things others — in different groups — have experienced.

We have seen this happen many times, often in using this very book.

This then is the ongoing strength of the book.

Need Help?
If in reading this material you believe you may need help — for yourself or for a loved-one — please don’t hesitate to contact us. In most cases we are able to put you in touch with someone close to where you live.

See also:

Guidelines for selecting a counselor or cult expert.

Organizations, Ministries and Individuals recommended by Apologetics Index (not an exhaustive list).

The text of this book as posted here is faithfully reproduced from a scanned copy. We have applied a minimal amount of formatting to faciliate online reading. For instance, we have added blank lines between paragraphs. We have elected not to include page numbers. Notes originally published in the back of the book have in this online version been added at the end of each chapter.


The full text of Churches That Abuse has been placed online at Apologetics Index by permission from the book’s author, Dr. Ronald M. Enroth.

© Copyright 1992 by Ronald M. Enroth.

While this book is no longer in print, second-hand copies can often still be obtained via booksellers such as Amazon.com.

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