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Charismatic Revivalist Todd Bentley Widening Ministry Despite Scandals and Disqualification, Sarah Einselen, November 28, 2022.

A panel of six charismatic leaders convened to investigate the allegations against Bentley. The panel stated in January 2020 that Bentley was disqualified for leadership or ministry based on “credible accusations of a steady pattern of ungodly and immoral behavior.”

An investigator reportedly spoke with dozens of people about accusations dating from as early as 2004 and as recently as 2019—the same year the panel began its work, according to a statement from apologist Michael Brown, who assembled the panel.

“Sadly, we see no signs of true, lasting repentance,” the panel stated in 2020. “Instead, we see a steady pattern of compromised behavior, including credible accusations of adultery, sexting (including the exchanging of nude pictures or videos), vulgar language, and substance abuse.”
Sarah Einselen


    • Angelic Hosts 2003 article by Todd Bentley. This article demonstrates Bentley’s complete lack of spiritual discernment along with his utter disregard for the written Word of God.
    • Letter to Todd Bentley regarding ‘healing angels’ A letter by Malcolm Wilson

      You may or may not choose to continue your teaching on “healing angels’ That is your choice. But if you do, you must recognise that certainly this part of your ministry would not be acceptable in many quarters because it is not founded on sound biblical exegesis .

      Remember it was Jesus who healed the man – not the pool. I have seen your video, ” Healing and Revival Mantles’. There are a couple of issues there I would also challenge.

      (i).” Angels are waiting to bestow healing mantles to believers “

      Really ? Which scripture supports this strange notion? Read the Word carefully — there are none! Are you claiming new revelation? New doctrine cannot be justified by someone’s dreams or visions, whether it is Bob Jones or anyone else.

      The only angels that I know of that are waiting to bestow “healing mantles’ to humans are the demonic spirits who deceive “healing’ mediums and spiritists. These people can “heal’ too you know !

      Come on Todd, you surely know that it is the Holy Spirit and Him alone, that bestows healing mantles and anointings to believers ! What you are teaching is a different Gospel !

      (ii) You are even in error when you link the events at the pool of Bethsaida with the signs and wonders in Acts that were done through the hands of the Apostles in Solomon’s Porch. Solomon’s Porch was on the eastern part of the Temple until 70 AD, when the Temple was destroyed. The site of the pool at Bethsaida in Jerusalem, is north of the Temple Mount. The five porticos or porches mentioned in John 5:1-9, were part of a completely different building.!

    • My People Love It So… Why There Must Be Yet Another Mystical Revival by Bill Randles

      If there wasn’t a false mystical revival, ala Lakeland, sooner or later someone would have to manufacture one. Likewise a Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and flavor of the day, Todd Bentley. These people are not the authors of their respective heresies, (they are far less innovative than they realize). They only embody them. They are the proponents of a false spirituality embraced by thousands of professing Christians around the world. They merely act out and express the false spirituality of their constituency, that is why no matter how many times these spurious revivals are discredited, as soon as another one breaks out there is a ready made congregation to joyfully participate in them.

    • Todd Bentley – The New Simon Magus by Bill Randles.

      As the Samaritans were enamored with Simon the Great, the so called Great power of God, this adulterous generation clamors for and will receive many more, perhaps even more powerful versions of Bentley, Cain, Joyner, Jones, and even Branham, until the coming of the ultimate “Great Man”- the antichrist, himself! The Emphasis is wrong- we are not called to seek greatness or to adulate Great men. When Peter said to Simon Magus, in Acts 8, that he perceived that Simon was “in the gall of bitterness” (see Acts 8:23) he was quoting Moses’ warning that idolatry would become a “root of bitterness” to Israel. (Deuteronomy 29:18) Peter saw it also, that this fascination with greatness in men, and lust to see great works of power would be the beginning for the church what idolatry would be for Israel, a root of bitterness defiling many.

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