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Sowing Seed

On his Fresh Fire Ministries website Bentley refer to his Lakeland, Florida, meetings as “The Florida Outpouring.”

Florida Ourpouring

Indeed, the website even provides “The Florida Outpouring Desktop Wallpaper.”

As noted, the website also allows you to “Sow Seed Into Revival.” Er, ‘seed’ is money, of course. You can become a “Harvester Partner” ($30 min/month for a minimum 12 consecutive months or one time gift of $360 per year), a “Kingdom Builder” ($80 min/month for a minimum 12 consecutive months or one time gift of $1000 per year), or a “Global Fire Partner” ($500 min/month for a minimum 12 consecutive months or one time gift of $5000 per year).

To put this in perspective, the Lakeland Center arena is charging Fresh Fire Ministries $15,000 a day. Currently the facility has been booked through May 25th, 2008.

While few ministries can work without financial resources, the ‘seed sowing’ terminology will remind lots of people of the ‘Seed Faith Offering‘ sales pitches associated with the Word-Faith movement’s Prosperity scam.

That said, a news report notes that while an offering is taken, no admission fees are charged for the Lakeland events. We should hope so. Freely you have received, freely give. (Matthew 10:8).

However, when you ‘partner’ with Fresh Fire Ministries, you just get a little bit more…

When you become a partner with Fresh Fire Ministries you also receive several practical benefits which include:

  • Discounts on selected Todd Bentley products
  • Discounts on FFM conference registration
  • Partner Only sessions at our conferences — impartation services
  • Invitation to Partner Only conferences
  • Audio teaching of the month called “Deep Thoughts”
  • Fresh Fire’s Deep Thoughts sessions are brand new this year, recorded live here in our office with Todd and his interns, or staff. Each session is an up close and personal deep sharing time that will help you gain more spiritual insight. And receiving this CD every month is just one more reason to partner with FFM!
    – Source: Fresh Fire Ministries, Partnership Last accessed, May 15, 2008

    This reeks of selling (alleged) spiritual benefits.

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