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The apostle Paul told the Colossians,

{18}Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you for the prize. Such a person goes into great detail about what he has seen, and his unspiritual mind puffs him up with idle notions. {19} He has lost connection with the Head, from whom the whole body, supported and held together by its ligaments and sinews, grows as God causes it to grow.
– Source: Colossians 2:18-19 NIV

Nevertheless, prominent figures in the controversial renewal and revival movements frequently refer to angel sightings and to messages they allegedly receive from angels.

Hence it does not come as a surprise that — in relation to the so-called ‘revival’ at Lakeland, Florida — former Kansas City ‘prophet’ Bob Jones talks about angels, reportedly saying that an angel named ‘Winds of Change’ is bringing, well, change.

In fact, according to a ‘ministry report’ at The ElijahList — which shares alleged “prophetic words and prophecies”:

The “winds of change” angel appeared to Todd Bentley in Florida, and simultaneously to Bob Jones.

Todd Bentley called Bob Jones an elder prophet and talked with him for about an hour about the “Florida outpouring” here in Lakeland. Here are notes about their phone conversation:

On New Year’s Eve, for 2008, God told Bob Jones that “the third wave was coming.” Todd asked Bob what the third wave was. He said that Toronto was wave #1, Pensacola was wave #2, and the third wave is the “Winds of Change”–this move of God. This move will be a global move, traveling with signs and wonders all over the world! The third wave is here!

As a sign that this wave would be released from the Northwest, Bob shared that God said in the natural world, there would be extreme “winds and storms” out of Canada and the Northwest this year. (We had these storms in the Northwest this past winter and winds even now!) These natural winds would be followed by the winds of change. There would then be a move of the Holy Ghost, where entire towns would be shut down by the power of the Spirit. Revival will come as a Northwest wind.

It was also mentioned to “set up your sail”–the “Winds of Change” are blowing!
– Source: Linda Dodson, Ministry report from Lakelandoffsite, Florida, Apr. 21, 2008 — Links added by AI.

The “Winds of Change” angel was mentioned in an article — by Bob Jones and Keith Davis — that appeared on Bob Jones’ website, and was archived in July, 2000 by the Internet Archive. The conference mentioned took place May 19-21 of that year:

In a visitation prior to this conference, a huge angel appeared to Bob stating his name – “Winds of Change”. This angelic being was accompanied with three other angels, we believe representing three churches and their leadership the Lord is desiring to join together in the bond of unity. This huge messenger stipulated he has now been released to bring the “winds of change” to the church aiding us in the transition imminently ahead. These winds will fill the sail of the church to transport her on this virtuous journey. Things are not going to continue as they have in the past within the church and the manner in which she is viewed.
– Source: Bob Jones and Keith Davis, Spirit of the Nicolaitans

The angel was mentioned in a December, 2000, message by Rick Joyner:

A prophetic friend, Bob Jones, was recently visited by an angel who was one of the largest he had ever seen. This angel said that his name was “The Winds of Change,” and that great changes were coming to the church. He said that until now we have known mostly the winds of adversity, but the winds of change that were coming would “fill our sails” as the church is about to move forward again.
РSource: Rick Joyner, Mountain to Resting Place̦ffsite"align="bottom"/

It has been reported that “this is a high-ranking angel over all the ones assigned to healing, breakthrough and revival unto harvest.”

Todd Bentley seeking Angels (and denying it)

This disturbing video documents some attempts at damage control by Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley over the latter’s focus on angels:

‘Healing Mantles’

One minister who has confronted Bentley regarding his teachings on angels has published a 2003 letter on the subject online. Addressing Bentley, he says in part:

I have seen your video, ” Healing and Revival Mantles’.

There are a couple of issues there I would also challenge.

(i).” Angels are waiting to bestow healing mantles to believers ”

Really ? Which scripture supports this strange notion?

Read the Word carefully — there are none!

Are you claiming new revelation ?

New doctrine cannot be justified by someone’s dreams or visions, whether it is Bob Jones or anyone else.

The only angels that I know of that are waiting to bestow “healing mantles’ to humans are the demonic spirits who deceive “healing’ mediums and spiritists. These people can “heal’ too you know !

Come on Todd, you surely know that it is the Holy Spirit and Him alone, that bestows healing mantles and anointings to believers ! What you are teaching is a different Gospel !

(ii) You are even in error when you link the events at the pool of Bethsaida with the signs and wonders in Acts that were done through the hands of the Apostles in Solomon’s Porch. Solomon’s Porch was on the eastern part of the Temple until 70 AD, when the Temple was destroyed. The site of the pool at Bethsaida in Jerusalem, is north of the Temple Mount. The five porticos or porches mentioned in John 5:1-9, were part of a completely different building.!
– Source: 2003 Letter to Todd Bentley-By Malcolm Wilson-RE: Todds controversial teaching

William Branham

In an early report about the Lakeland, Florida, meetings, Bentley was asked to describe the angel he claims to have seen:

I spoke with Bentley over the telephone about the meetings and asked him how it was that the initial conference at Ignited Church, scheduled to last only five days, has now turned into extended meetings. Todd replied that weeks ago, while he was doing some healing meetings in Australia, a man from New Zealand called him saying he had “seen” the tent peg of the Lord’s being driven into the soil of Florida and that somehow he felt God was going to use Todd to facilitate that.

Bentley remembered the man’s word, but didn’t think anything of it until the second night of the Lakeland meetings when he said he saw an angel he described as carrying the “Winds of Change.”

Asking him to describe this angel, Bentley replied that those familiar with the life of William Branham would recognize the angel from being a relevant factor in his healing ministry. He felt that this angel’s appearance signaled a “shift in the atmosphere” for the meetings and felt that an openness for revival had been ushered in.
– Source: Reports of Revival Breaking Out in Lakeland, Florida, Teresa Neumann – BCN Exclusive (April 11, 2008), as posted at the website of Fresh Fire Ministries

Those familiar the life of William Branham know that he was a heretic who denied the doctrine of the Trinity.

Branham also taught that the Word of God was given in three forms: the zodiac, the Egyptian pyramids, and the written scripture.

Branham’s popularity was due mainly to his ability to discern people’s illnesses. Also, many healings took place at his meetings, but not as many as were claimed. While Branham’s services were powerful – “…a legend unparalled in the history of the charismatic movement” – some question the source of his healing power:

Years ago (William Branham) told his interpreter, Pastor Ruff, “If my angel does not give the sign, I cannot heal.” Ruff noticed several features of spiritism in the work of Branham, and therefore stopped working with him. These “angels” of whom (Harry) Edwards and Branham spoke are evil spirits masquerading as angels of light. As in many areas of the occult, we are here reminded again that the devil appears as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14) Another evidence is the fact that neither Edwards nor Branham were able to perform cures when faced with born-again Christians who had committed themselves to the protection of Christ. In the case of Branham, I have experienced this myself. When he spoke in Karlsruhe and Lausanne, there were several believers among the audience — including myself — who prayed along these lines: “Lord, if this man’s powers are from You, then bless and use him, but if the healing gifts are not from You, then hinder him.” The result? On both occasions Branham said from the platform, “There are disturbing powers here. I can do nothing.”
– Source: Kurt Koch, Occult ABC, 1978, p. 235

That doesn’t look good for Bentley’s angel. Trying to describe ‘his’ alleged angel by referring to Branham’s alleged angel is merely further proof of Bentley’s lack of discernment

What are angels?

The Holman Bible Dictionary says an “[a]ngel is a heavenly messenger who either delivers a message to humans, carries out God’s will, praises God, or guards God’s throne. “

The term “angel” is derived from the Greek word angelos which means “messenger.”

Angelos and the Hebrew equivalent, malak (which also means “messenger”), are the two most common terms used to describe this class of beings in the Bible.

In general, in texts where an angel appears, his task is to convey the message or do the will of the God who sent him. Since the focus of the text is on the message, the messenger is rarely described in detail.

Another set of terms used to describe angels focuses not on angels as mediators between God and persons, but on God’s heavenly entourage. Terms such as “sons of God,” “holy ones,” and “heavenly host” seem to focus on angels as celestial beings. As such, these variously worship God, attend God’s throne, or comprise God’s army. These terms are used typically in contexts emphasizing the grandeur, power, and/or acts of God.

A third category of heavenly beings is that of winged angels. Cherubim and seraphim make their most memorable appearances in the visions of Ezekiel (1:4-28; 10:3-22) and Isaiah (6:2-6). Cherubim function primarily as guards or attendants to the divine throne. Seraphim appear only in Isaiah’s vision and there attend God’s throne and voice praises.

All three categories present us with heavenly beings in service to God. The text may focus on the service done or on the God served but rarely on the servants themselves. As a result we are left with a multitude of questions about the angelic host. Many of the most common questions asked about angels have no clear answers in Scripture. The nature of the angelic host is at best hinted at indirectly. – Source: Angels, Holman Bible Dictionary

The emphasis people like Todd Bentley, Bob Jones, and others within the controversial renewal and revival movements place on angels is unbiblical, to say the least.

In our opinion, just like Rick Joyner’s fantasies about trips to heaven — where in his dreams he talks with angels and with Jesus — all this talk about angels and their alleged messages is meant to suggest God’s endorsement of certain teachings and practices. Christians who are eager for spiritual experiences but who lack spiritual discernment by which to test such teachings and practices are apt to fall for this.

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