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Chris Oyakhilome

Chris Oyakhilome is pastor of Christ Embassy – one of Nigeria’s largest Pentecostal congregations.

He claims to be a faith healer, but stories of alleged healings appear to be anecdotal.

Healings are said to be dependent upon one’s faith. Those who lack faith, will not be healed. Those who are healed must work at staying healed.

Like most members of the church, Nwagwu believed that the miracles were real and not questionable.

There are, however, silent fears in the church and among the miracle recipients that the “miracles” may just be temporary. Ojo told Newswatch that he had seen people who received healings and later went into “a worse state” while others are permanent. He said that he hoped that the people he brought would have permanent healing.

However, not oblivious of this fact, the church teaches the “healed” the ways of retaining their healing. After the interviewing and counselling session, copies of a book, Keeping Your Healing, written by Oyakhilome are given to them. The book prescribes standards for which the healing could be permanent. Some of the conditions include going to church always, having a positive confession, abstaining from sin, and ignoring symptoms of the ailment. Newswatch, however, found out that some of the healings do not just take place. A member of the church who would not want his name in print told this magazine that there were different processes involved in healing. The afflicted would register in the emergency section of the church with reports from different hospitals where they had undergone treatment, according to him. The doctor’s report would also indicate how long the illness had stayed and how far it had been handled. After that, it becomes a matter of faith. The person could be healed as fast as his faith could work.

He told Newswatch that there was no specific period a patient could expect a miracle. “It could happen in a few days or weeks. It depends on the faith one exhibits during the healing sessions either in the church or at the crusade grounds,” he said.

Stella Uyi, a female member of the church said that those who did not receive miracles lacked faith
– Source: Geoffrey Ekenna, Oyakhilome’s Miracles: Real or Fake?, Newswatch, Nigeria, Sept. 5, 2002

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