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David Clark, is a professional Thought Reform Consultant, a court certified cult expert, and a Christian counter-cult apologist.

  • Former cult member of the “Church of the Living Word”, also known as “The Walk” between 1972 – 1974.
  • Attended Reformed Episcopal Seminary between 1976-1979.
  • In 1976 attended and gave testimony at the Russell United States Senate building in Washington, D.C. concerning Senator Robert Dole’s two-day gathering about the destructive cult phenomenon.
  • In 1979 Attended and gave testimony before the White House Conference on Families in Washington, D.C. before Chairperson, Coretta Scott King, about the destructive impact of cults on American families. Attended and gave testimony before the Pennsylvania State Legistlature about my experience in a destructive impact of cults on American families.
  • In 1980 Attended and gave testimony before the Maryland State legistlature about my experience in a destructive cult and it’s impact on family life. My testimony was highlighted in “The Baltimore Sun” newspaper in the 3/14/80 edition.
  • In 1981 I became a court certified cult expert designated by the court in two separate cult related litigation cases. The first was in Friday Harbor, Washington and the other was in Arlington,VA including a Unification Church related child custody case.
  • In 1982 I became one of the founding members of the national former cult member’s organization called FOCUS. I also became one of the organizing founding board member’s of re-FOCUS, which is the current organization.
  • In 1983 I became a script writer and associate producer for a worldwide film (Word/Multnomah) on the cult phenomenon. The film was titled,”Vain Glory”, featuring the the Story of Tony Cox, who was Yoko Ono’s first husband. Yoko’s second husband was the late John Lennon of the rock group known as the Beatles. Yoko’s daughter, Kyoko had been a member of, “The Chuch of the Living Word”.
  • In 1985 I received the first national, “Hall of Fame”, award from the original Cult Awareness Network at their National Conference in Dallas, Texas.
  • In 1988 I became a member of the AFF‘s, “Victim Assistance Committee”.
  • In 1991 (Approx.) I became Chairman of the AFF’s – “Exit Counseling Guidelines Study Group”.
  • In 1993 I became Chairman and contributing author and co-editor of the, “Exit Counseling: A Practical Overview,” chapter — which is featured in the book called, “Recovery from Cults – Help for Victims of Psychological and Spiritual Abuse“, published by W.W. Norton.
  • In 1996-99 (Approx.) I became founding board member and served as President of the national professional organization of the (American) Thought Reform Consultants. Our board members have been featured annually at the AFF’s annual conferences.
  • In 1999 I testified twice as a re-Focus board member before the Governor’s – Maryland Task Force on Cult Activities at Senior Public Higher Education Institutions.
  • 1982-2004 National, International Conference speaker on cults and mind control dynamics before secular and Christian organizations (Annual EMNR, Personal Freedom Outreach, Mid-West Christian Outreach and other national Christian and local Christian apologetics conferences. I have been featured on international, national and local media as a cult expert working with families impacted by the cult phenomenon.
  • The 2004 American plenary speaker at Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the Ukraine for the F.P.P.S. International Scientific-Practical Conference with the presentation title of “Thought Reform Consultation, Youth Cult Education Preparation and Sect Family Intervention Work”.
  • Led 5 sessions as a conference speaker at the 2005 International Cultic Studies Association/AFF and the Psychology Faculty, Universidad Autonoma De Madrid (Spain) – International Conference on “Psychological manipulation, cultic groups, and other alternative movements – July 14-16, 2005.”

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