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Few elements in the G12 program are really new; cell groups, retreats, aggressive discipleship plans, speaking in tongues, inner healing, deliverance, and the Prosperity Gospel have long been emphasized by a host of well-known Pentecostal leaders. Evidently, Castellanos and his disciples have elevated this mix of methods to the level of success by means of pressure and manipulation. In Part 2, we will examine the teachings and practices of G12 in light of Scripture and consider the testimonies of those who have suffered under this unbiblical system.

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Ricardo Becerra

Ricardo Becerra directs the Centro de Investigaciones Religiosas (CIR), a counter-cult ministry based in southern California.
Paul Carden

Paul Carden is the executive director of the Centers for Apologetics Research (CFAR) in southern California.

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This article first appeared in the Spring, 2007, edition of Journal, published by Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc. It is reprinted here with their kind permission, and with the permission of the author and translator.

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