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Christian A Biblical Guide to Orthodoxy and Heresy. Excellent article by Robert Bowman, Jr.. Originally published as a two-part article in the Christian Research Journal, it became the basis for his book, Orthodoxy and Heresy: A Biblical Guide to Doctrinal Discernment. The book is out of print, but occasionally second-hand copies are available from Amazon.com.

For most Christians today, the challenge of learning how to discern orthodox from heretical doctrine has apparently not been faced. Either they treat doctrine as minimally important and so regard charges of “heresy” as rude and unloving, or they treat doctrine as all-important and so regard anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest as a heretic. In short, most believers seem to think either that there are almost no heretics or that almost everybody outside their own little group is a heretic.

The cause of doctrinal discernment, then, is in serious jeopardy. Although anticult and discernment ministries are mushrooming everywhere, many of them operate on the basis of an excessively narrow understanding of orthodoxy. Consequently, such groups are charged deservedly with “heresy hunting” and discredit the practice of doctrinal discernment. At the other extreme — and often overreacting to such heresy hunters — are those within the Christian community who reject any warnings of heresy among professing Christians.

In this two-part article I will attempt to set forth a balanced approach to the issue of doctrinal heresy. In this first part I will present a biblical case for the practice of discerning orthodox from heretical doctrines. In the second part I will offer guidelines for doctrinal discernment.

Christian A Censorious [Critical] Spirit. George D. Watson provides insight into the character and spiritual maturity of those who criticize in an un-Scripture and un-Christlike manner. See also his companion article, A Gentle Spirit.
Christian Discernment: Finding God’s Will In A Sea Of Nonsense In-depth article by Robert Longman, Jr.

Discernment is more than just a skill. Discernment is a gift from God before it is anything else. Yet there are clearly skills you put to use in using your gift, and you can become better at it through training and experience.

Discernment is more than just a process. Even for the most ‘material’ or ‘nitty-gritty’ matters, there is a Spirit at work nudging us, leading us, even pulling us by the nose ring. Even for the most ‘spiritual’ matters, there are disciplines, methods, processes, means, and tools which the Spirit can work through to help us discern rightly. Discernment isn’t usually a sudden zap from beyond, but something which emerges from hard work.

Learn to discern. Yearn to discern.


Christian The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment by Tim Challies

Spiritual discernment is good for more than just making monumental decisions according to God’s will. It is an essential, day-to-day activity that allows thoughtful Christians to separate the truth of God from error and to distinguish right from wrong in all kinds of settings and situations. It is also a skill–something that any person can develop and improve, especially with the guidance in this book.

Written by a leading evangelical blogger, The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment is an uplifting, scripturally grounded work that explains the need for discernment, its challenges, and the steps that will cultivate it. Author Tim Challies does not do the discerning for readers; he simply shows them how to practically apply scriptural tools, principles, and wisdom so that their conclusions about everything–people, teachings, decisions, media, and organizations–will be consistent with God’s Word.

Christian Orthodoxy and Heresy: A Biblical Guide to Doctrinal Discernment by Robert Bowman, Jr. The book is out of print, but occasionally second-hand copies are available from Amazon.com.

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  1. Discernment - Research Resources

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