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The Maha Devi Ascension Movement, currently recruiting members under the name “Ananda Health Resort,” is a religious cult which claims to be a “speedy and sure vehicle and means for full ascension, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.” [1]

The movement is headed by Gabrielle Wilson, a German woman who prefers to use the name Maha Devi. She considers herself ‘Divine,’ and claims to have been around for quite some time. According to an archived, 2002 version of the movement’s website, the Maha Devi Ascension Movement “started tens of thousands of years ago on Planet Earth”. Never mind that the website’s domain name is registered to the “Hathor Ascension Movement” – a reference to the ‘divine’ Mrs. Wilson’s maiden name. As explained below, she has lived some 700 human lives:

It was then that a voluntary act of great love and sacrifice was initiated by the Divine. Mother Divine created a ‘soul’ vehicle for a full emanation of Herself to enter into Earth history in a unique way. Choosing to forget Her status of full Awakened Divine Source in that ‘soul’ vehicle, She undertook a succession of approximately 700 human lives in Earth time and lived in a veiled state of ‘human ignorance’. The purpose of this was for the Divine Mother to immerse Herself in Earth frequency and human experience, to experience Earth from a human perspective. Additionally, she was ‘constrained’ by not choosing to create karma for Herself, which mostly meant lifetime after lifetime of ‘victimization’, rather than engaging in the dualistic Earth power games of responding to abuse by becoming the abuser.

The result of this is a deeply ‘personalized’ compassion and understanding of human suffering that can occur as a soul works through the lessons in this Earth frequency of harsh dualism. This distinguishes what She has done, and therefore what She can now do, from what Avatars do, and also from what enlightened humans are capable of accomplishing. Avatars do not enter into these Earth frequencies so deeply, but rather touch the Earth for a short time for a specific purpose, and then exit again. An enlightened human does not have the cosmic perspective of having been enlightened to Source level and then giving it up in order to voluntarily re-examine Earth level soul experience. [This hints at a usually unknown truth about the levels of enlightenment that must occur in order to fully unite with Source. Enlightenment is a relative term that always refers to the frequency levels of Mastery. For example, one can be enlightened relative to Earth frequency, but not have mastery over the galactic level. Another example is that often a being may be enlightened but not yet have mastery sufficient to take the body with him or her into ascension rather than dropping it at the time of exiting Earth frequency.]

As She has now re-awakened, it is with a deep and commanding ‘personalized’ knowledge of human condition, but now combined with Her full stature as Source, as Mother Divine, with all Her Higher bodies, powers, and abilities completely functional.

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When She undertook this sojourn on Earth, stretching from ancient Lemurian times until now, She arranged for Her ‘re-awakening’ to occur in this present time. This timing is synchronistic with the ‘end times or judgment days’ spoken of by Christ when he walked on the Earth, and it also synchronizes with the end of linear time as presented, [and widely misunderstood], by many of the calendars around the world.

In its manifest state, the Maha Devi Ascension Movement therefore begins in our current time, with the re-awakening of Maha Devi. As such its inception can be traced to the years 2000-2001. This is when Maha Devi has consciously entered world history as Mother Divine again, and begun Her mission of redeeming souls and providing the ascension opportunity to those who seek Her help. The Maha Devi Ascension Movement is the organization through which She offers Her help to those who respond.
– Source: History, MahaDevi.org, as archived Sep. 22, 2002.

Are you still here? There’s more to come…

The Maha Devi Ascension Movement is structured as a School of Life. The graduate of this School of Life is able to ascend out of the Earth frequency into higher frequency civilizations, and into a higher, more light and love filled existence with far greater life span. This graduation is a natural consequence of growing out of the ‘classroom’ of planet Earth or similar frequency civilizations.
– Source: History, MahaDevi.org, as archived Sep. 22, 2002.

Perhaps these musings by — off all people, Woody Allen, reflecting on some ads he found in a little journal called “Magical Blend” — makes more sense:

The most startling persona of all, however, has to be the “founder and divine leader of the Hathor Ascension Movement on Planet Earth.” Known to her followers as Gabrielle Hathor, a self-proclaimed goddess who is, according to her copywriter, “the fullness of source manifested in human form,” this West Coast icon tells us, “There is a quickening of Karmic feedback. . . . Earth has entered a spiritual winter which will last 426,000 Earth years.” Mindful of how rough a long winter can be, Ms. Hathor has started a movement to teach beings to ascend to “higher frequency dimensions,” presumably where they can get out more and play a little golf.

“Levitation, instantaneous translocation, omniscience, ability to materialize and dematerialize and so on become part of one’s normal abilities,” the come-hither spiel lays on the unwary with a trowel, proclaiming that “from these higher frequency dimensions, the ascended being can perceive the lower frequencies while those on the lower frequencies cannot perceive the higher dimensions.”

There is a fervid endorsement by someone named Pleiades MoonStar–a name that would cause no end of consternation for me if I were told at the last minute it belonged to my brain surgeon or pilot. Acolytes in Ms. Hathor’s movement must submit to “a humiliating procedure” as part of a routine to dissolve their egos and get their frequencies jacked up. Actual cash payments are frowned upon, but for a little abject fealty and productive labor one can score a bed and a dish of organic mung beans while either gaining or losing consciousness.
– Source: Woody Allen, To Err is Human — To Float, Divine, published in Mere Anarchy,

From Mung Beans to Air and Light

While Woody Allen talks mung beans, the Movement’s website suggests a different diet:

Excellent [mostly organic] vegetarian and raw food restaurants are provided to everyone who joins the community. It is expected and required that every person will either be a vegetarian or quickly become one. Further, it is expected that everyone will move towards a raw food diet, and eventually to juices and then to being a breatharian and pranarian. These are necessary steps for ascension. These steps are not forced on a person, and each individual moves through the steps at his/her own pace, within reason.

Prana is the Sanskrit word for ‘life force.’ Breath is said to be the external manifestation of Prana. Breatharianism is a concept which promotes living on light and almost entirely without food and liquids.

Breatharianism was popularized by Jasmuheen, who wasn’t very good at it.


Living on light and air alone is all good and well, but apparently one still needs money. After having been forced off the island of Samoa, a group of people associated with the Maha Devi Ascension Movement settled on the tiny island of Niue, an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. According to Wikipedia, “[a]though self-governing, Niue is in free association with New Zealand, meaning that the Sovereign in right of New Zealand is also Niue’s head of state. Most diplomatic relations are conducted by New Zealand on Niue’s behalf.” [2]

The group has been racking up huge bills in a situation that has become an embarassment to the Niue government.

Rather than ‘ascending’ members of the movement have now seen their passports seized, and they’ll have to stay on the island until their debt is paid.

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