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Basic Beliefs of Islam

There may not be another religion like Islam with its simplicity and unity of beliefs. Whether one is a Muslim in Singapore or Saudi Arabia, a Sunni or Shiite, a scholar or poor person, the major beliefs are the same. There is little argument about their broad meanings. The Quran states that it is righteousness to believe in Allah, the last day, angels, the Book, and the messengers (Quran 2:177)

The major beliefs of Islam are the following:

  • Monotheism: There is no other god than the one god Allah.
  • Angels: Among the angels, Gabriel appeared to Muhammad from heaven with the words of the Quran.
  • Prophets: There are many prophets, including Jesus, but Muhammad is the last prophet.
  • Scriptures: The Quran is the infallible, inerrant scripture revealed to Muhammad. The Torah and the Gospel were revealed to Moses and Jesus as inerrant in their times but they have become corrupt.
  • Judgment: Everyone will be judged by Allah.
  • Paradise and hell: Distinctly different eternal destinies await the blessed and the damned.

Orthodox Islam accepts these beliefs with little wriggle room. Popular or folk Islam holds broadly to these beliefs but allows accretions to them. But no Muslim would deny what the Quran tells them to believe, namely, the substance of the above beliefs.
– Source: What You Need to Know About Islam & Muslims By George W. Braswell, Jr. Broadman & Holman Publishers, Nashville, Tennessee. 2000. Page 19-20

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