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During the 1970s and 1980s it often seemed that the media had given the man two extra names. Most common references to him began: “Political extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche.” Few would deny that the label was warranted– LaRouche’s pronouncements and demeanor, as well as those of his associates, virtually personify the extremist style. He is one of the most accomplished and inventive conspiracy theorists on the entire political spectrum, and his organization has a well-deserved reputation for conducting smear campaigns against various targets, among whom have been Walter Mondale, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and the queen of England.

Other appellations applied to LaRouche have included “Communist,” “Trotskyist,” “former leftist,” “neo-Nazi,” “Stalinist,” “Democratic candidate,” “Marxist-Leninist,” “cult leader,” “small-time Hitler,” “demagogue,” “kook,” “Hitlerian hate-monger,” and “anti-Semite.” (Ironically, most of these labels came from LaRouche opponents who object to his penchant for name-calling.) Depending upon what one focuses on and what one ignores it would be possible to make a case for each of the above epithets. It could also be argued that to one degree or another LaRouche contains elements of all of them. One thing is very certain: Lyndon LaRouche has spent much of the past twenty years cultivating a vast array of enemies, some of them not much less “extremist” than he. On the other hand, his distorted view of the world and his demonstrated hostility toward various groups, including Jews, has produced some justifiable alarm.
– Source: American Extremists: Militias, Supremacists, Klansmen, Communists & Others, by John Georege and Laird Wilcox, Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY. 1996. Page 283

He has warned that the international monetary system is about to collapse and that five billion people will die in the ensuing chaos. The Royal Family and MI6 are, he claims, responsible for the international drugs trade. Welcome to the weird world of Lyndon LaRouche, the 81-year-old who is campaigning as an “independent Democratic candidate” for president of the United States in this November’s election, for the fifth time. A millionaire who describes himself as “the world’s leading economic forecaster”, LaRouche is also a convicted fraudster and conspiracy theorist par excellence.

Until recently, LaRouche was virtually unknown in Britain, while in the United States he is dismissed as a crackpot, ignored by both the media and the political world. But since the death just over a year ago of the British student Jeremiah Duggan, a 22-year-old Jew found dead in mysterious circumstances in Germany after becoming involved with LaRouche supporters, his organisation has come under closer scrutiny than it has for decades.

Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates, a US think tank that monitors right-wing groups, said: “In America we have treated him as a fringe eccentric, which is wrong because the truth is he recruits a lot of talented young people, like Jeremiah Duggan, and attempts to turn them into followers who will mindlessly celebrate a cause that’s going nowhere.”
– Source: The cult and the candidate, The Independent, UK, July 21, 2004

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