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Richard Abanes is an investigative journalist and Christian religion writer. He is a nationally recognized authority on popular culture and religion.

Richard’s latest book, co-authored by his wife, Evangeline, is Homeland Insecurity — a fictional exposé of white supremacists.

His current project is PoP cuLTuRe MiX, “about all things relating to pop culture including the arts, entertainment, religion, and even videogames (a new pop culture force that must now be explored).”



Christian American Militias: Rebellion, Racism & Religion

Grabbed from today’s headlines, a well-researched, thoroughly informative chronicle of the antigovernment militias that haunt America’s heartland…

Christian Cults, New Religious Movements, and Your Family
Christian Defending the Faith: A Beginner’s Guide to Cults and New Religions
Christian Embraced by the Light and the Bible Subtitled "Betty Eadie and Near-Death Experiences in the Light of Scripture"
Christian End-Time Visions : The Road to Armegeddon (More about end times)

…a well-researched, highly entertaining, and informative book about the human fascination with apocalyptic events.

Christian Harry Potter, Narnia, and The Lord of the Rings

Award–winning journalist Richard Abanes clears away the confusion many readers experience over fantasy books and films. He delves into the differences between various forms of fantasy and digs out answers needed by every parent, youth worker, teacher, and student.

The stories of Tolkien, Lewis, and Rowling–and films based on them–have touched millions of lives. How are these authors similar…and different? Where do they fit into today’s ever–growing desire for the mystery and magic fantasy provides? Abanes–himself a fantasy and science–fiction fan–helps shed light on this form of entertainment and its effects on today’s youth.

Readers will come away thoroughly equipped to differentiate between stories and films that are harmless, even inspiring–and those containing spiritual dangers.

Christian Homeland Insecurity

Bestselling author Richard Abanes investigated white supremacist groups in an award–winning book. Now he and his wife, Evangeline, craft a nail–biting fictional expose’ of this murky underworld.

Christian Journey into the Light: Exploring Near-Death Experiences (More about Near-Death Experiences)
Christian The Less Traveled Road and the Bible by H. Wayne House and Richard Abanes. A Scriptural Critique of the Philosophy of M. Scott Peck.
Christian <a href="The Truth Behind The Da Vinci Code: What is Fact? What is Fiction?(More about The Da Vinci Code)

Nationally recognized researcher Richard Abanes, author of Harry Potter and the Bible, looks at three of the most fascinating people in history: Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, and Leonardo Da Vinci. Based on his extensive research, Abanes explores the answers to many of the questions that Dan Brown’s fictional thriller, The Da Vinci Code, raises

Christian What Every Parent Needs to Know About Video Games: A Gamer Explores the Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Virtual World

With sales over $30 billion per year–approaching Hollywood’s annual box–office take–video and computer games are now squarely in the mainstream of entertainment. Author/journalist Richard Abanes–an experienced gamer himself–offers this concise survey particularly to parents and other concerned adults. The author’s unsensational approach will prepare readers to make better decisions–not just about what is shown in games, but how it’s shown… and what overall message is being delivered.


Christian Abanes.com Official site of Richard Abanes, which includes excerpts from some of his books.
Christian PoP cuLTuRe MiX

PoP cuLTuRe MiX is about all things relating to pop culture including the arts, entertainment, religion, and even videogames (a new pop culture force that must now be explored). It is meant to provide information for anyone interested in learning more about such issues and how they affect all of us. Everyone is welcome; truth is the key; rational discourse and thoughtful posts are the goal.

Apologetics Index research resource MySpace Richard Abanes’ MySpace page.

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